- "The force that causes a moving object to slow down when it is touching another object" (Merriam Webster)"

- "When one thing rubs and grates against another, it causes friction. That can include two clashing personalities or simply a match striking the matchbox and causing a spark" (


1. Treacherous (Taylor Swift)

Put your lips close to mine
 As long as they don't touch
 Out of focus, eye to eye
 Till the gravity's too much
 And I'll do anything you say
 If you say it with your hands
 And I'd be smart to walk away,
 But you're quicksand

 This slope is treacherous
 This path is reckless
 This slope is treacherous
 And I... I... I... like it

 I can't decide if it's a choice
 Getting swept away
 I hear the sound of my own voice
 Asking you to stay
 And all we are is skin and bone
 Trained to get along
 Forever going with the flow,
 But you're friction

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