Miami Tuff. 17 years old. Bad grades. Tattoos. Piercings. Every moms nightmare, but not Miami´s mom. They´re like best friends. Her dad left them when she was 12. Her mom is a typical mom, sweet and caring.

Miami is the Bad Girl in school. As said before, bad grades, tattoos piercings. Her 2 friends, Dana and Ivory, are the same. This three-group are the popular ones. Oh and then there is the bad boys. And the jocks, but since they lost last year at the big game, everybody hates them.
They don´t judge other people, so they´re genially nice people.

Luke Hemmings. 17 years old. Ok grades. No tattoos. No piercings. Every moms dream child. Sadly.. Luke dosen´t have a mom.. He lives with his dad and 3 mates.

Luke is the normal, nerd type. Dosen´t go to that many parties. Dosen´t drink or smoke. His 3 mates, Ashton, Calum and Michael are kinda like Luke. They live together. Beside Michael is a little more "bad". He has a few tattoos and 3 piercings. Eyebrow and ears.
Enjoy xx

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