In Love With You


1. Chapter One. A New Chance.

Bethany 's POV :

My alarm on my phone rung and I woken slowly . I sat up in my bed and threw my legs over the bed. I got up and turned off the alarm. Afterwards I got up and took some casual clothes. I took my phone and put it in your back pocket and then went downstairs . Suddenly calling my phone , I take it out of my pocket and looking at the display. "Unknown" I took it and heard a male voice . "Is Bethany Thirlwall ? " asked the voice. "Yes, who are you? " I asked awkward and nervous . "I'm Bradon Jackson. " he sounded reasonable proud of its name. "Okay Bradon , what do you want? " I asked. Seriously it is 11:45 in the morning ? " Your job is model right? " He asked. " Yes ? " " I have a job for you. " he said I nodded even though he could not see it . " When do I start? " I asked. " On Monday, " he replied . "Okay we'll see you there. " I said. " One more thing , you have to stand model with 4 boys . They are a band and they called 5 Seconds Of Summer , do you know them ? " he asked. Of course I know them Ashton 's my best friend's older brother. " Yes . " Did I short , he said goodbye , and we hung up. I took some breakfast we and put me into the living room. I lit viera , and found a movie I would see . And thats was my day.

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