Digte om lyset og mørket

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  • Publiceret: 6 jan. 2015
  • Opdateret: 4 maj 2015
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Poesi, poetry og hvad man ellers kalder det. Forskellige sprog og forskellige genrer. Om alle de ting der undrer og optager mennesket

(Hvis du synes der mangler noget skriv en kommentar, så vil jeg se på det)


13. Life today

Go be free,

Be so much more,

Be what you could only dream of before,

Go out and see,

The people live,

Like they had nothing spare to give,

So I say,

So you know,

Beware of all the evil before you go,

Help me now!

You can scream,

But noone hear you that is how it must seem,

But go alone,

Go nowhere fast,

Go out and just forget about the past,

You will look back,

But you should not,

We are the people all the others forgot,

In the hasty world,

Nothing stands still,

Even though you're all roughed up and dying ill,

They will ignore,

What has begun,

That the smoke from them is killing the sun,

Nothing shines,

Like brand new cars,

Thats how they left the land burdened with scars,

So they say,

But do you know,

That I'll be with you whereever you go,

Just stay strong,

It is not too long,

It will be just fine at the end of the song,

And We will wait,

For better times,

Where the birds will sing and church bells chime,

Remember we,

Will always be,

Be by your side for all eternity.

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