Our Christmas Eve

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  • Publiceret: 22 dec. 2014
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It was the Christmas Eve that changed everything. It brought the most unlikely people together, made wishes come true and had everyone falling in love. This is only the beginning of our roller coaster, and I'm already thrilled for what's yet to come. We might of had a bumpy start for a couple of teenagers, but I'm sure the rest of our journey will only glide up. We have to thank the new Chatline App for meeting each other though. I never thought it would be possible to fall in love online, until we met face to face at a Christmas Party. I was now head over heels for this guy.
My name is Brooke Anderson, and he is Riley Matthews.
This is our story.
This is Our Christmas Eve.


2. The Profile

Welcome to Chatline,

Meet new people and chat among your new friends.

Full out the information below.

Let's get started!

Name: Brooke Anderson

Age: 16

Username: BrookeA

Relationship Status: Single

Town: PalmDale, CA

I had to fill out tons of other personal questions. Answering what my favourite movies were, what music I listened to, the books I read, sports I played, etc.

After the page was finished being processed, I was matched with 68 other compatible aquatiences. I clicked on the first profile with the username: RileyM.

I messaged them.

BrookeA: Hi, I'm Brooke, this was the first compatible profile that came up so my initial reaction was to message you first.

RileyM: I get it, I've only been on here for 10 minutes and still haven't messaged anyone yet. Props to you though. Brooke, that's a gorgeous name. I'm Riley.

BrookeA: Riley. That's cute. :) 10 minutes? You've still beat my attendance of three.

RileyM: Girl, let me say, good on you. I'm not sure if I'm just lazy or shy. Probably a mixture of both.

BrookeA: No way, your way to confident! 😄

RileyM: Well I guess that's how I get all the chicks. (I'm quite a ladies man if I'll have you know) ;)

BrookeA: You wish, Cinderella. 😘

RileyM: Don't sass me. I'm priceless.

BrookeA: I'm sure you are.

RileyM: Watch it, girly. It reads that we both live in PalmDale, I'll come looking for you.

BrookeA: Tough guy now! How would you ever know where to find me? :)

RileyM: It's not that hard to track you down you know?

BrookeA: I'm sure you would.

RileyM: I could, if I REALLY wanted to.

BrookeA: And I suppose you REALLY want to?

RileyM: You read my mind, I love it.

BrookeA: Well, Riley, you really are mysterious aren't you?

RileyM: That depends. Do you like mysterious?

BrookeA: Not usually, but we'll see..

RileyM: Oh yes we will, soon too.

BrookeA: Night, It's been fun. 😄

RileyM: Sure has. Night mystery girl.

BrookeA: Mystery girl, eh? I thought you were the mysterious one.

RileyM: Hey, you were about to leave me when we were on a such good note too. That's confusing, which means your all the mysterious as I am.

BrookeA: Goodbye! :)

RileyM: Can we talk in the morning?

BrookeA: Maybe ...

RileyM: Your killing me here.

BrookeA: I know, which is what makes it ever so much more fun.

RileyM: I'm being played by a girl. This is not 'fun'.

BrookeA: Hey, gotta keep a guy wondering. Goodnight, Riley. ;)

RileyM: Well, you've kept me wondering enough.

RileyM: Goodnight, Brooke.

I turned my phone off and fell back on my bed. How could one conversation on a dodgy app make me feel this many butterfly's? My hands tingled with excitement, thinking about how smooth the conversation had been. I was playing it cool, very cool. You could tell he was interested, seeing he wanted to talk to me so badly. I wouldn't say I was 'playing him', just experimenting with his weaknesses. And I loved it. I was falling in love with this app by the minutes. Each time I tried to close my eyes I just could get the conversation out of my head. I was so hung up on a guy that I hadn't even met.

I finally fell asleep, half hanging off my bed. How did that even happen? Until I was woken by my phone buzzing. How did my phone even turn on? And then I realised that my dad must've came into my room and put it on the charger while I was asleep. 4 months ago, I once left the house without my phone being charged and that day, when the battery ran out at school, my mom was caught in a car crash. My dad tried to contact me, letting me know that she was in hospital, and not doing so well. 1 hour after the school had contacted me and I had arrived at the hospital, she died in operation. Ever since then, Dad always charged my phone before he went to sleep, which was usually around 12am.

But who was texting me this early in the morning? It was Ariana. What did she want?

Ariana Geoff: Brooke, you will never believed what I just found out. Daniel is hosting his own party on Christmas Eve! He's having it at Central Square, so you get to meet him.

(Central square was a park in PalmDale, it's where everyone would host their parties. It had a massive stage where entertainers would perform (if there was a concert in town) and they even had disco lights handing around the place. It looked amazing at night - I had my sixteenth birthday there because my parents had booked it 3 months prior. That was the perfect Venue, and that is where the best night of my life life took place. (Well, the bed and the worst). But if you wanted to have a party, that's where you would have it. Except it's very exclusive to book it out for a night. You need to be very well known or have pulled a lot of strings to get into that place.

Brooke Anderson: Thats great for you, especially since you texted me at 3am! I hope you have fun at the party, except But I don't think I can make it that night.

Christmas Eve was in 2 weeks from tomorrow.

Ariana Geoff: Come on, why not?

Brooke Anderson: As tempting as it sounds to be alone on Christmas Eve and to watch you hook up with some random guy, I'd rather stay home and watch Polar Express.

Ariana Geoff: Are you kidding me - we're young and hot. Make the most if it while you can. Come party with me, meet a cute guy, talk to your friends. You'll have a blast.

Brooke Anderson: Goodnight, Ari. Go to sleep.

I fell back asleep, thinking about what Ariana had said. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go the the party, not alone anyway.

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