Our Christmas Eve

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  • Publiceret: 22 dec. 2014
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It was the Christmas Eve that changed everything. It brought the most unlikely people together, made wishes come true and had everyone falling in love. This is only the beginning of our roller coaster, and I'm already thrilled for what's yet to come. We might of had a bumpy start for a couple of teenagers, but I'm sure the rest of our journey will only glide up. We have to thank the new Chatline App for meeting each other though. I never thought it would be possible to fall in love online, until we met face to face at a Christmas Party. I was now head over heels for this guy.
My name is Brooke Anderson, and he is Riley Matthews.
This is our story.
This is Our Christmas Eve.


1. 'Chatline'

Everyone at school had been talking about this new app called 'Chatline' it's not necessarily a dating app except many people do you use for relationship purposes. Basically, they make you fill out a whole bunch of information about yourself (favourite band, movie, sport, etc) and match you with others who have mutual interest as you. All it does is set you up with potential friends, lovers and other people you would want to associate with. I honestly wasn't to intrigued to find out what all the fuss was about, but everyone else at PalmDale High was completely possessed by this new hook up app, including my best friend.

"Ariana, you've been talking to that guy for ages now. When are you going to give it a break?" I slammed my locker shut, leaving the noise echoing down the corridor.

"What? He's a totally hottie. Have you not seen his photos?" She opened up his profile picture, which had been taken in front of a mirror, showing nothing but everything from the waist up. He was so fit with an 8 pack, that he looked older then what he claimed to be. This was one of the reasons as to why I didn't want to make a profile, because all the guys on there are all fit and muscular, too good to be true. But his photo, made me want to melt. I could feel my insides tensing up each second. I bit my lip and turned away, determined not to give into the attractive boys she was showing me.

"A little showy for my liking" I gathered my things and marched off down the hallway to meet Aiden at out home room.

"You seriously have no idea what this app can do to your life. It's amazing, you've got to try it out!" Ariana called after me.

"What was that? Gimme a call on 1800-not interested." I shouted back at her.

I entered the room to find everyone looking down at the screen on their phones. Why was everyone so technology-based these days. Why can't we all just write letters to each other like the good old days. "Calm down, Brooke, this isn't the 80's." A voice spoke from inside my head. Okay, maybe that was a little corny, even for me. I spend quite a bit time online myself, mostly doing homework and online shopping. But other then that, I really can't be pinned down.

"Guess who?" A familiar voice whispered over my shoulder from someone who put their hands over my eyes.

"Aiden, I know it's you."

"Damn. How did you know?"

"Nobody else would do that except you. You play that trick on me everyday, it's almost a routine." I smirked.

"Settle down class. The quicker we get this done with, the quicker you have to get to class." The teacher announced as the entire room of students groaned to the though of getting to class on time.

"Miss stands no chance." Aiden took the seat next to me as I giggled at his reference.

"Aiden, Alana, Brooke, Grace, Isobel, Sebastian - ... " the names went on for another minute.

"Have you made a Chatline account yet?" Aiden asked curiously.

"Not you as well. Ariana has been harassing me about it for days, I really don't need anyone else bugging me about it. She makes up for the entire worlds population considering the amount of hours she has spent convincing me to download this app." I snapped.

"Woah, calm down. I just asked?" He said defensively.

"I just don't see the point in me talking to any guys at the moment." I hissed.

"Why? I'm a guy..."

"Yeah, but your my mate. It's not the same."

"It's not a dating website. It helps you make FRIENDS! It's your choice if you want to take things further or not."

"No guy, friend or more, would be interested anyway."

"What are you taking about, Brooke? Your gorgeous."

I sighed. Not listening to his statement one little bit.

"I'm serious! You've got long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a perfect olive tan and your as thin as a runway model, with the most gorgeous figure ever."

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to hit on me yourself." I chuckled.

He gave me a cute smile.

"Any guy would be lucky to have you, stop doubting yourself." he said in reply.

"You really think all those things about me?" I asked unsurely.

"Not just me, Brooke. Every guy who has laid eyes on you." he convinced me.

"Thanks Aiden, you always know just what to say," I took his hand in mine as a smile lit up across his face, his smile was contagious, so I shot him a cheesy grin, "You know what, I'm going to look into this tonight. I'll make a profile and chat to a couple of compatible profiles, maybe I'll find someone who likes the same things as I do?"

"Good luck. Just don't run into any bogans. I've bumped into a few crazy people myself, be careful." he smirked.

The bell went for first period as Aiden and I leaped up from the desk to head of to our first class for the day.

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