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En masse fantasier med dejlige drenge er er alt for dejlige! LÆSNING PÅ EGET ANSVAR!


3. You cheating(English)



"Babe?" He looked up from the phone and smiled. "Yeah?" He asked. 
"What´s wrong?" He looked worried. "Me and Michael slept together" He stood up, and began yelling. "WHAT! Are you kidding me Y/N?" You looked down at your hands. "I´m so sorry, babe" You mumbled. "Don´t call me Babe! You´ve slept with my best friend!" "I was drunk and-" "DO NOT GIVE ME THAT CARD! DRUNK OR SOBER YOU HAD SEX WITH ANOTHER MAN!" He shouted angrily. "I love you" You whispered, trying to hold back the tears. "I love you too, but i don´t think i can do this" He said sorbing. "I´m so sorry Luke" He shaked his head. You tried to hug him. "Get away from me slut!" He said pushing you on the floor. "W-What?" You cried. "I´m leaving!" He said crying. "NO! Please don´t go! YOU´RE ALL I HAVE! ALL I LOVE!" You cried hysterically. "Bye!" He said going out the door. "Don´t go Luke! No!" "LUKE DON´T YOU DARE! Come back" You cried. Later the night you were watching a film, trying to forget Luke.. He hated you now... He was hurt. You tried to call him, but he didn´t answer. You tried one more time and he finally answered. "Hey?" "Michael?" You asked. "GO AWAY FROM MY PHONE CLIFFORD!" Luke shouted in the background. "I SWEAR IF YOU ARE TALKING WITH Y/N I´M GOING TO KILL YOU!".. "Luke!" you yelled trying to make him hear you. "Y/N! Go away! And delete my number or´ll delete yours!" He said crying. You cried even harder at his harsh words. "I´M SO SORRY FOR THIS MESS! I LOVE YOU!" He hung up and you haven´t talked to him since..




"So how was it?! You looked at your boyfriend, Michael. Giving him a confused look and said "What do you mean?". He sighed and laughed a little. "Don´t act stupid Y/N, i know you cheated on me" He said, winking with his right eye in "Don´t act stupid". "What are you talking about" You lied trying to hide your thoughts. "Save it. We´re done". "Michael!" It came from the other end of the room. Michael left with Luke in his back, trying to figure this out.

-Later that week-

Michael came to get stuff. You´ve packed it all in his bags and putted them into the living room. "Where´s my stuff?" He asked looking around. "In the living room... Are you sure were done?" You said. "I don´t know Y/N. You really screwed me over, this time" He said, standing in front of you with a rude and flippant face expression. "I just came here to get my stuff, so i guess we´re done" He said rudely and took his bags. "Michael, can we just talk for a sec, without you being rude to me?", He chuckled and turned around. "Me being rude to you? I didn´t fuck your bandmate and best friend, did i?", He smirked leaving you speechless.



"So you´re just gonna leave us?" You yelled, trying to get your kid´s dad attention. "Yes, i am Y/N! Why do you care? I thought you and Calum was together anyway" He yelled back, taking his suitcase in his hand. "So you´re just gonna leave me and your daughter? And me and Calum aren´t together but since you´ve been fucking that blonde girl next door, not helping me with our daughter, i thought ´Hey! He´s leaving us anyway so why not" You yelled, trying to be as quiet as possible. "And i´m not going to leave Olive! She´s coming with me" He said. You frowned. "Not even in your wildest dream! You can´t even take care of her, with me! So how the fuck do you think i´m going to give you my daughter?" You laughed rudely making fun of him. "You know what? Bye Y/N! Call me when you can talk to me like an adult" He shouted taking his stuff and leaving. 
"Mommy? Why are you and dad yelling?" Your 3 year old daughter, Olive said sounding sleepy, rubbing her eyes. "No reason, Sweety. Do you want mommy to sing a song to you?" She cheered going into her room, laying down in her princess bed, Ashton made before he took on tour last year. You smiled at the memorie and soon a tear left your eye. "Don´t cry mommy" Olive smiled hugging you. "It´s okay sweetheart. What shall mommy sing to you?" Olive smiled, thinking of what song she wanted to hear. "I wanna hear...That song.. That song dad sang to you, when we were at the park" You chuckled a little and nodded. "Okay"... After the song you said goodnight to her and left the room. "Can daddy also say goodnight to me?" It came behind you. "Sorry, Olive.. But Dad´s not here right now" You said. 




"We can work this out.. Right?" You said, trying to find some hope in the situation. "I don´t know.. "He said quietly, rubbing his thumb over his button lip. "But we can try" You said, slightly smilling. He looked up at you with his brown puppy eyes. He looked so hurt and disappointed it made you cry instantly. "Listen, babe i´m so sorry for this mess. If i just could go back in time and make it up-" He stopped your sentence with a cheeky kiss. "I know, and i trust you. It´s just it will take some time to fix" You nodded a little, laying your head on his shoulder. "I love you" You said. "Love you too" He said. 


I´M SOOOOOO SORRY FOR AT DEN SIDSTE CALUM EN! I KNOW IT SUCKS I JUST...Nothing xD Håber i can lide den selvom den er på engelsk ;3 

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