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  • Publiceret: 10 jan. 2015
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En masse fantasier med dejlige drenge er er alt for dejlige! LÆSNING PÅ EGET ANSVAR!


4. Love you! ~ Ashton Irwin (ONE SHOT)

I spilled my drink and frowned at my clumsiness. I took a wash cloth and cleaned it all up. My phone rang in the other room, i ran in the other room and as i took the phone it stopped ringing and i dropped it into my cats water bowl. 

"No, no, no ,no!" I mumbled to myself and quickly took it out of the water and dried it. After cleaning it up and laying it in rise, i began getting ready for school. I just combed my hair, brushed my teeth and did my make-up. I took my phone out of the rise and trowed it into my backpack. The bus finally came after 10 minutes. I sat in the back. 
When i arrived at the school i made my way out of the bus, but of course my crush where only 3 feet away from me and i tripped and fell out of the bus. "Ouch" I mumbled as i stood up awkwardly taking my stuff again and almost rushing to the toilet. 

The mirror showed a fucked up girl, with a fucked up life and a messed up mind. A girl with dreams so big that it would be impossible for 2 persons to imagine it. "Go fuck yourself" I mumbled to the girl in the mirror as i slowly began to realize that girl.. Was me. 

I was that fucked up girl, with a fucked up life and a messed up mind. 

I was the girl with dreams so big that not even 2 people could imagine it. 

2 girls came brashing into the bathroom with their DAY bags and 15cm high heels, they surely couldn´t walk in. "Freak" The blonde one mumbled and i quickly left. "Hey!" I looked behind me and saw my crush, aka Ashton Irwin aka the school´s badboy. 

He had tattoos, piercings. 
He smokes.
He drinks.
And he has sex with every slut he can.

Since he didn´t say anything after that i assumed it wasn´t to me. 

Well, god i was wrong.

"I actually talked to you" Ashton´s voice rang in my ear. I turned around and looked at him confused. "Ehm.. H-Hi" I mumbled not wanting to screw this up. "Wow... You´re actually as shy as people say" He smirked, coming closer to me. "I-I´m not shy" I said trying to be more confident. "Yeah.. And you´re also a good liar" He said sarcastically. I chuckled and nodded. "I saw you tripped, earlier today" I blushed. "And i just wondered if you are okay?" He added, looking at the ground. "I think so.. I think i´m okay.." I mumbled awkwardly. "Y/N, right?" I nodded and smiled that he knew my name. "Well, Y/N.. Do you have depression?" He asked directly making me think about it. 

Do i?

Maybe i have?

I have been very harsh to myself these past few months and very sad?

"I don´t know" I said. "I have" Ashton said shyly. 


Bad Boy, player Ashton Irwin can´t have depression?  

He has so many friends and seems so happy?


"D-Do you want a hug?" I asked scared of what he would say. "No..." He said. "I....I need your lips" He said with a little smile. I smiled and gave him what he needed. I just kissed  my crush. The school´s badboy, player, smoker, drinker. He was all the things my parents and friends have warned me about since i was a little kid. He carefully placed his hands on my cheeks and kissed me harder. "Why is the school´s hottest guy kissing the ugliest, weirdest girl?" I heard and instantly pulled away. "Ignore them... You´re pretty and i like weirdos" He whispered holding harshly on my wrist. It hurt as hell. He saw me clinching at the pain and pulled away. "We need to get away!" He said and took me by the hips. He took us out to the top of the school. The roof. "I may be seen as a fucking prick there´s just drinking and smoking! Having sex with all girls" He said. "But i´m hiding my depression" He said. "I think i love you" He said with a little smile on his face. "What?" I asked confused by it all... He´s so hardcore and sexy! And i´m just here with not even earrings... I´m in my black sweatpants and my black top. My hair was just normal i looked like shit. "You don´t love me Ashton... I love you but you don´t love me" I said. "I do love you Y/N! A lot!" 


Hi guys!!! Sry for at den her også er på engelsk... Håber virkelig i kan lide det her mini One Shit.. Det var bare et hurtigt et til jer! 10hi xD. Lol okay.. Glem ikke at like osv! LOVE YA!!!!! xx

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