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  • Publiceret: 13 nov. 2014
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Jeg er en person. Det er vi allesammen. Jeg er bare én af de der personer, der ikke kan lade være med at udtrykke sine tanker på papir. Ellers sætter de sig bare fast, og så springer mit hoved en dag. Læs dem hvis du vil, men jeg lover ikke, at de alle er lige nemme at forstå.


9. Thank you

I know the boys probably won't see this. I know I’ll probably never meet the boys, and I know this is pathetic. But I’m writing it anyway. Like it or not, I’m doing it and seriously nothing can stop me. I don’t care if it’s bad grammar or some other shit, you can read it right? Good.


I’ve never been the biggest fan of boy bands and stuff like that. Actually, I got to the point right before being a hater. Once I thought the most horrible things about One Direction, Justin Bieber etc. And I’m sorry about that. I really am. I never got to the point where I actually said it out loud. Because I’m a person like everyone else. I have feelings like everyone else. I still don’t like JB’s music, but I respect him and his followers.


It all started when I found this website where you can read and write any story you want. Included fanfictions. A lot of them actually. My cousins and I thought it was hilarious. Like anyone would ever meet a celebrity like that. “Harry Styles was totally looking at her to that concert! She was hurting herself and had an eating disorder, but the second their eyes reached she stopped. And have never done it again. Their love was forbidden, but they saw each other in secret until she was dead in a carcrash. He visited her in the hospital, and when her body felt the unstoppable love, she woke up. Five years later they’re married with seven or eight kids, and he stopped his career just so he could be with her forever.” I mean, come on. That’s silly.


But I started searching and I found those really good and even realistic (okay, they were the closest a fanfiction can be) stories. And I read more of them. And more of them. And then one day I heard a One Direction song on the radio, and I liked it. I really, really did. And I was so ashamed of myself. Like, what had I done to myself? I wasn’t supposed to like a One Direction song! To me it was like I just found out I was gay or something. It was really bad. I come from a family where music like that is really horrible. Especially my two big brothers think One Direction is stupid. Which is really offensive, and I get so mad when they say things like that. No matter who they’re talking about.


For a while I hided it. Listened to their music when nobody was around, read fanfics and deleted all evidence and told nobody. Not even my bestfriend because I knew, she would look different at me after. For a time I tried to hide it from myself. They are not good, stay away from that, do not talk about that, do not think that thought again, etc. And it did not help. I think it got 'worse', if you could say that.


But then I met some girls. Some nice and kind girls. One of those girls were that kinda friend, I've always been looking for. Smart, ironic and directioner. And I really needed her to see, why I shouldn't be afraid to show people who I am, who I like and what I do.

It took me some time to realise that even if people are gonna judge me, I need to do it anyway. So I started showing people some of my novels. And they liked them, so I kept writing. Then I started to listen to One Direction. And I liked them, so I kept listening. Then I started being myself, and people liked it, and honestly, I loved it!


Then one day I told my mom about One Direction. She didn't knew them. She does now!

I told her, that I would like to get their album. And she actually didn't really care.

"Yeah, if you like them, you like them," she just nodded. I was so confused! Shouldn't she look at me like I was insane, and not let me listen to them again. But she just nodded and kept driving.

"Ehm, yeah.. Sure," I mumbled confused. She asked me to stop mumbling.


I wrote their album on my list for christmas. My brothers saw it,  and they made fun of me. They laughed at some bad jokes, said something stupid as always, and things like that. And when they finished laughing, they just smiled. I've never heard them say anything about One Direction since. Maybe because I told them, very relaxed, that they could stuck their opinions up their ass. Or maybe they just realized, that they're not always right, and sometimes people look different at things.


I started texting this girl, and we was so equal. She was so good talking to. I think she’s the first person to really understand me, and I think I’m the first person to really understand her.

We became better and better friends, and I hope it’ll last forever. She made me realise what a unique person I am, and even though I never really talk to her in real life, I see her as my best friend. And I really, really hope she sees me the same way. And I wish one of us had the balls to start talking to the other person, but right now I’m fine knowing that she tries her best to find me a ticket to One Directions concert.


Writing this made me cry.


I want to thank One Direction for giving me the opportunity to get a friend like her. It means the world to me.  I want to thank One Direction for giving me the confidence to go kick some ass.

And I want to thank One Direction for making this amazing music.


You saved my life.



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