Demi's guardian angel

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  • Publiceret: 20 okt. 2014
  • Opdateret: 20 okt. 2014
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When Demi Lovato lost her best friend/crush (Trenton) everything changed..


1. Demi & Trenton

Demi Lovato is 12 years old, she's on her way to school, she's walking slowly and tears falling down her face.

She know another day of bullying will starts, as soon as she walks into the room, she has no friends, she's alone and she use to hide on the toilet so the girls can't find her..

She walks into her classroom and some of the girls sees her and starts to yell:" Oh see girls, it's Demi Lavato! She's a bit fat today, she shouldn't have eat all the food yesterday" Demi starts to cry and about to ran out of the door when she hear a voice she know who it is, it's Trenton he says: Hey blondie, why don't you stop bullying Demi? It doesn't make you feel better with yourself!"


Demi's smiling to herself and walks over to Trenton, they starts talking and after school they walks home together.

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