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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


21. you're 'just friends' (Calum)

"Calum? Calum are you here?" Someone asked. I kept my eyes shut, I didn't want them to notice that I was awake or else they would probably tell Calum to go outside for a second since they never really talk to each other when I'm with them. I feel like they don't like me. "Yeah but be quite, (Y/N) is sleeping." He said and chuckled a little. I could feel it, since my head was on his chest. "So uh- are you two dating?" Luke asked and sat down beside Calum. "Nah, we're just friends. Nothing special going on here. She doesn't mean that much to me." Calum said. Ouch. "Oh well then, I don't like her." Michael said, I felt my eyes, which were still shut, fill with tears. I've had a crush on Calum for the longest time now but I never really had the guts to tell him. "I know Michael, we all do. But she's actually really nice, I don't get why you don't like her." Cal said and took a deep breath. "Well, at least you two aren't dating. Anyways, wanna come with us? We wanted to go out and get some drinks." Mikey said and Cal agreed, slowly getting up and leaving me. As soon as I heard the door shut I took out my phone and texted him. "So I don't mean that much to you?" It didn't take that long until he replied. "What? No you mean a lot to me but if I'd tell the boys I had a crush on you they would freak out. I'm sorry. xx" I stopped breathing for a sec. "You have a crush on me?" I replied and he answered with a yes. As soon as they got back me and Calum started talking about what happened earlier and I actually found out he liked me back.

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