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  • Publiceret: 14 jun. 2015
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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


6. Punk Ash

You sat there in your English class starring at the schools bad boy. He has tattoos, a a few piercings here and there. A bandana hung loosely off his curly locks. He wore ripped jeans and a Led Zeppelin shirt. You were taking his appearance in when you hear your name being called. "Yo (Y/N). Stop looking at Ashton for so long." His jock friend said. "No no I was thinking about the problem." You say. "We're in English" they all laugh. You turn away and catch a glimpse at Ashton who's looking at you. You put your head on your desk and you were so embarrassed. The bell rang signalling lunch time. You were grateful that you would be out of Ashton's class. You made your way to your math class. The teacher signalled got you to walk in, and when you take a seat you see Ashton rush through the door. He looks around frantically, once he spots you, he tells the teacher that he's sick and he's taking you home. You were confused as to why Ashton was taking you out of class. "Ashton where are we going". You ask politely. "(Y/N), we're skipping" he says like its no big deal. "I've never-"
"Yeah I know, there's a first time for everything, now hop on" he says ganging you a helmet and gesturing to his bike. Be brave. Pretend you're not a nerd for one second. You thought to yourself whilst taking a deep breath in. You hop on and wrap your arms around Ashton taking in his scent. He revs the bike and he takes off. At first he goes at a good pace, then he starts going fast and you hold on tighter. You could feel him laugh through his stomach. 
10 minutes later you arrive at an abandoned park, Ashton slows down and stops. He hops off and you follow suit. "I come here often" he says walking over to the swing and sitting on it. "I think about people, and what other people do to people" he says and you just listened. "I'm sorry for today, about my friends" he says and you just nod. He pats his lap, offering you a seat and you take his offer. You sit facing Ashton on the swing and you just stare at him. His punk look deceiving you from the boy that just spoke his thoughts to you.  "So (Y/N), how does it feel to be bad?" He says. "Well. My hearts beating, but that could just be from me sitting on you" you blurt out and realise what you said and cover your mouth. "Shit I'm sorry" you say. "It's okay" he says' "my hearts beating too" and he grabs your hand and places it over his heart and you can feel it steadily beating. "How come you act so tough at school?" You ask. "Well, it's my way to be tough. Because when I'm alone with people. I'm not, and sometimes I like authority." He says leaning his head against yours. You nod and your nose brushed against his. "You're a good listener" he says breathing out, and you can smell the soft mint in his breath. "I try" you say. "Can I kiss you?" He asks. "I thought bad boys did whatever they want" you reply. 
And he kisses you. 
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