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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


10. Michael

ROWYSO tour had just begun and you were counting down the days for you to finally see your idols play live. You were so excited and you still couldn't believe you had a ticket to attend! Your friends had bought tickets without you for another day but you didn't care anymore because you finally had yours. Their day was first and they kept bragging about how much fun it was. You didn't tell them you had a ticket for a show the next day. "Sorry you couldn't make it but we knew you wouldn't have the money."one of them said. You rolled your eyes and shrugged. 'Bitches' you thought to yourself. The next day you got ready for the concert. You had recently dyed your hair purple and couldn't wait for Michael to notice you. Of course you didn't have front row tickets but you did have a plan. You went with a punk rock style and put on a black wig for part of your plan. You went to the venue early. They wouldn't open the front doors for another 6 hours. The guys would probably be at sound check any minute now. You put on your wig and casually walked around the venue. You were so careful for security not to see you. You notice a door was open because some people were taking out stuff from a truck. "Oh there you are!" A women waves at you. You stand in place frozen. "Don't just stand there. Here's your name tag. Help us take the stuff inside." You grabbed the name tag. The girl in the pic kind of looked like you. You smiled at that idea. You put on the name tag and started helping out. This sure was a piece of cake. 'Okay I'll just help out. Look for the guys. Meet them. Probably get kicked out. Then go out to get in line.' You told yourself as you follow a group of girls into a room. You realize this is the make up crew and you can't help but make weird noises which makes them look at you weird. "Sorry just excited. I love doing make up." "But you don't do make up. You're the water girl." One of them eyes you suspiciously. "Yeah um just that I wish I did make up,"you say nervously. You help them set up and then they call you over. "We need you to help organize the snack table for the boys. Oh and Michael needs a water bottle can you take it to him." Your heart skips a beat. "Um where-where is he?" "Down that hallway second door." You nod and start making your way over there. "There she is! She's the impostor!"you hear a girl scream. You turn and see the girl that looks like you. You gasp and start walking toward where Michael is. You knock on the door and open it. He is laying on a couch looking at a piece of paper with lyrics in it. You are speechless. He sees you and smiles. "Oh thank you so much." You give him the water bottle and watch him drink it. There's knocks on the door. "Open up! This is security. She's an impostor!" A man screams. You gasp and look at Michael for help. The wig falls off. "Woah, your hair!"he grins. "Please help me I'll explain later." "You won't kill me right?" He asks. "Um no. My name is (Y/N) just please defend me" You laugh. He opens the door and you hide behind him. "Can't you let me kiss my girlfriend in peace?" He asks the security guards and the some of the make up crew who stand there glaring at you. "Girlfriend?"the girl from your nametag says. You take it off and give it to her. "Sorry" "Michael you can't have your girlfriend in here." "I know but- I'll send her out in a bit." He says. They leave and he closes the door. "Care to explain?" You told him everything. How your goal was to meet them up close and that you loved them so much and he was just smiling the whole time. "I probably should be freaked out but I'm not. Come with me."he offers his hand and you can just die now. You follow him towards the stage where the guys are getting ready for sound check. Your eyes begin to water. The guys just stare at you. "5SOS Hug!" Michael shouts. Luke, Ashton, and Calum go witb Michael and they all hug. After that they all stare at you. You can't help but blush. They come over to you and greet you. You take selfies with them and have some convos with them. Michael follows you towards the exit. "Are you staying for the concert?" "Yeah,"you show him your ticket. "Give it away to someone who doesn't have one outside. Don't sell it just give it. Here I want you to have this."he gives you a front row ticket. "Thank you so much!"you him really tight. "No problem girlfriend."he smirks. You start walking away and you hear him say your name. "Yeah?"you turn to look at him. "Here's my number." He winks as he hands you the empty water bottle you had given him. His number was written in sharpie across it. Your heart leaped with joy! As you went out to get in line you texted him. Then you posted your pictures on IG. Your friends called you right away and you sent them to voicemail "How the fuck did that happen?!" You heard them say. You smile to yourself right when Michael texted back "You inspired me to go purple again, thanks beautiful girlfriend! See you in the front row later!(;" you shrieked with excitement while some girls stare at you. They didn't know what you did and it felt awesome!
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