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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


4. Michael imagine

OPS!:(Y/NN) = Your Nickname

Your POV
You were on your way to your new job. You were starting out as a hair and makeup artist an last night the agency told you that you were going to meet your new clients. She also said that they were famous so you need to keep your cool. Your mind was going crazy trying to think if so many possible people you would be meeting today. You arrive at the agency and shut your door running into someone as you look up. "So-" you start but get lost in his eyes. "Sorry" he finishes your sentence with a chuckle. "Yeah, hah" you were flustered and you couldn't think straight. He had this sexy think Australian accent. And oh my was it hot. "What's your name?" You find yourself asking. "Michael, and you?" He says while you two are walking. "(Y/N), but please call me (Y/NN)" you say. "Well Michael, I'll see you around maybe?" You say and he nods and goes in the opposite direction. You see your manager and walk to her. "Hey Susan" you say and she looks up from her Mac book. "Hey (Y/NN), ready?" You nod nervously and she leads you to a meeting room. You walk in and see Michael and three other boys sitting across from you. You and Michael blush at each other as you sit down. The blonde next to him nudges Michael trying to ask what was going on. Michael have him a 'I'll tell you later' look and the blonde just nodded. 
Okay so, this is your new hair and makeup artist" Susan says pointing to you. You just wave. "Don't be shy boys introduce yourself". "Hi, I'm Calum" the tanned boy on the opposite side of the table yo Michael says. "Hiya! I'm Ashton" the boy next to Calum says energetically. "Hey I'm Luke" the blonde says particularly shy. "And I'm-" Michael starts. "Michael" you finish his sentence giggling. Everyone looks at you two confused. "You guys know each other?" Susan says. "Well, we ran into each other in the parking lot" you say looking at your manager. "Okay boys, only one rule. Be nice!" Susan says laughing. "Okay get to know each other " she says walking out of the meeting room. 
After hours of talking and getting to know the boys. You had found yourself fairly attracted to Michael. But you were going to be professional and not have a relationship with your client. You basically denying yourself of any relationship because you knew these four Australian boys would never in a million years be interested in you. You said goodbye to them all and made your way to your car. Just as you were about to hop in Michael was calling your name running to you followed by the other three. "(Y/NN)!" He yelled again. You turn to him and smile. "Can I get your number?" He says shyly. "Sure" Michael hands you his phone and you type in your number. "See you tomorrow maybe? I'll text you" he places a kiss on your cheek and he runs away cheering with the boys. You went home and Michael had texted you. 
M- hey beautiful. 
Y- hehe ☺️ hello 
M- I really want to spend more time with you 
Y- me too :-)
M- see me tomorrow?
Y- sure, goodnight Michael x
M- goodnight you wonderful gem. 

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