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  • Publiceret: 14 jun. 2015
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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


14. Lukey

Your POV*

"It's so cold," I groaned as my friends and I were in line to enter a night club. "I'm fucking cold," I say again. One of my friends turns around and says "no one cares," in a playful way. I roll my eyes. "I don't even want to be here," I frown and step out of the line. She grabs my arm. "No. No. No. Stay," she insists. I grunt and get back in line. I turn to my other friend, "don't you have like an extra sweater in your car or something?" "Nope sorry. Be patient, it's hot in there anyway," she grinned. I lean against the wall. This line wait was taking forever. I hate clubbing anyway, why did I ever agree to this? I prefer staying home in my comfy bed, watching shows on Netflix. Is this what people consider a life? Because this sucks! I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and see a tall handsome blue-eyed guy staring right at me. "Y-yes?" He is offering me his jacket. "Oh no. I'm fine." "Take it, I know you're cold." He smiles. I bite my lip, I do that when I'm nervous. Wait, why am I nervous? Because this handsome guy is being nice to me? "Won't your girlfriend be mad though?" "I don't have a girlfriend." "Yeah,sure." I snicker and turn around again trying to ignore him. My friends glare at me. "Don't be a bitch," one of them mouthed. I roll my eyes and turn back around. The guy is still holding out his jacket. "What's your name?" I ask. "Luke." Luke. I smile and take the jacket from him. I put it on, "I'm Mariana." I offer my hand to him. He shakes it and suddenly I don't feel so cold anymore. His jacket fits me a little loose but that's alright. It smells good too. "So what are you doing here?" He asks. I turn to look at my friends who are busy talking with the people in front of them. They always make friends. "My friends dragged me along. I rather be somewhere else rather than being on this dumb line. And you Luke? Why are you here?" He chuckles, "Be patient. I'm here to party." "To party or to get laid?" I don't know why the heck I said that. Kill me now."Sorry," I say. "Nah, I come to dance a little and have a few drinks then I go home." "Boring," I yawn. "To be honest I really don't want to go in anymore," he says. "So what do you want then?" He stays quiet for a bit and I'm not sure if he just doesn't want to talk anymore but then he asks, "do you have a boyfriend?" "No, I'm the ugly duckling from the trio," I say pointing at my friends. "But you're not ugly." He tells me. I look at him and he motions me to get closer. He then whispers in my ear, "honestly, I think you're the most beautiful from anyone in this line and anyone I've ever seen." My face feels hot. I don't know what to say, "you too." What. "I mean thanks." I can feel myself blushing. He offers his hand. "Do you want to leave this line and get to know me better?" "You're a stranger. A very cute stranger. You could be a serial killer on the lose for all I know. But sure I'll leave this line with you," I take his hand. He laughs. God! His laugh! "I'm not I can promise you that." I smile at him, he smiles back and together we step out of the line and walk away.

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