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  • Publiceret: 14 jun. 2015
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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


9. Luke

"So who's your fave?" A girl asks you during lunch time one day as you watched 5SOS' Amnesia music video. You were the new girl at this school and two of the girls who started talking to you invited you to have lunch with them. "Luke," you smile and take a bite off your apple. "He's my fave too! Gosh! I wonder how it feels like to kiss those soft looking lips of his." The girl with blue hair said. "It feels..wonderful." you smirk and blush. She snickers. "What?you kissed him in your dreams?" "Actually no. Luke is my boyfriend." You inform her. She turns to look at the girl with black hair and the two of them burst out laughing. "In that case, Calum is my boyfriend." Said the girl with black hair. You stare at them seriously, "I'm being honest. We just haven't made it public yet. We've been together for five months. He's picking me up this afternoon." This makes them laugh even more, tears come out of their eyes. "And then what? you're flying away into the sunset on his white horse?" The girl with blue hair asked and they laughed even harder. You got up to leave. "I hate liars you know?" One of them said. "Good. Hate me then.peace out." You say and walk away. By the end of the day every girl who is interested in 5SOS mock you. "So where is Luke going to pick you up princess?" The blue haired girl asked you when you're grabbing some books at your locker. "The main entrance." You smile at her and close your locker. You start making your way down the hall. "Fucking liar!" She screams. You go out into the main entrance and wait for Luke. "So where is he?" You turn and see a lot of girls standing there. The girl with the blue hair comes up to you. "You're such a liar. You don't know what you just got yourself into. You don't lie to the 5SOSFam." "I never have," you say calmly. In that moment you see all of the girls mouths go agape. You turn and see Luke pull over and park at the front of the school. He walks up to you and grabs your hand. "How are you beautiful?" he pop kisses you on the lips. "Great!" You smile at him. "Ready?" "Yeah" he opens the passenger door of his car and you get in. While he gets in, you wave at the blue haired girl who is in a state of shock. As you drive away you look at Luke, "I'm so lucky you're mine." You tell him and play with his hair. "Me too. I love you baby," he grins at you. "And I love you."
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