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  • Publiceret: 14 jun. 2015
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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


12. Luke propose

Imagine you were helping Luke get ready for his concert tonight. "You look great my love, as always," you kiss Luke on his cheek. He blushes and grins. You poke his dimple and giggle. "I will never get over this dimple." You laugh. He holds you closer to him. "I will never get over you," he smirks and kisses you. You make out until Ashton, Calum and Michael interrupt the moment. "Naww you two are cute." Calum smiles at the both of you. "Stop PDAing and let's head over to the stage," Ashton says. "Don't forget the- just don't forget," Michael smiles nervously. Luke nods. "Forget what?"you ask. "Um my guitar pick," Luke laughs nervously and stares at his bag. "I'll get it for you," you offer and walk towards his bag. "Um no no no-"Luke rushes over and takes it away. "Are you hiding something from me?"you ask. Ashton goes over to you and grabs your arm. "So anyways we still need to tell you where you're watching us from tonight," he tries to take your mind off of Luke's bag. He takes it with him to the bathroom and comes out a few moments later and leaves it on the floor where it was. "On the side stage right." You smile at Calum and turn to Luke. You get over the bag situation and you hug him. "I know you'll do great up there babe. I love you! If you need anything like water or something I'll be at the side of the stage." "Okay babe." He leans down to kiss you and then they all walk out ready to go start a concert. You finish getting yourself ready and then you head over to where you will be watching them. You were having fun along with some of the guys family and crew members just singing along to their songs. Luke constantly turns to look at you and winks at you. They play amnesia and lots of memories come back. You remember back to the time you thought you lost Luke forever because of a stupid argument you had. You were so glad you two got through thick and thin, the good and bad. As you stare at him you know in your heart that he is the one. You are so sure of it. Later they play disconnected and Luke turns to you and mouths "remember?" You laugh and nod remembering the time you and Luke went to times square. How you didn't want to leave the hotel room at all and stayed inside all day disconnected from the world. After the song Luke says a few words, "As you all know, I am in love with (y/n) and I have been with her for two years. This next song is a song I made for her and the guys helped me with it," he turns to you, "babe can you come here?" The crowd screams your name. You can't believe he's doing this. You shake your head no and he goes over and pulls you gently onto the stage. He begins to sing a song you've never heard before. It is about how he fell in love with you. In the end of the song he sings, "So I just want to know one thing tonight," he goes on his knee, your heart beats fast. He takes out a little box and opens it revealing a beautiful engagement ring, "will you be my wife?" Everyone goes wild. Tears flow down your face and you keep screaming "yes! Yes! Yes!" He puts the ring on you and he hugs you tight spinning you around. You finally understood what it was he was hiding in his bag. "She said yes!" He cheers into the microphone.
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