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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


1. Luke imagine

*Your POV*

The moment he smiled at me and his bright blue eyes locked with mine was the moment I believed in fate and that we had been destined to meet. I mean that's probably what any other 5SOS fan thinks but trust me, the moment I met Luke Hemmings was the moment my life was changed forever. See it was a mistake, I wasn't even stalking him or anything. Okay that's a lie. So I was an insider for an update account and I was told the guys were at this certain mall so I went and I casually entered Hot Topic and I saw Luke there by himself looking through some band shirts. I almost lost my shit. I mean I could have ran to him and tackled him to the ground and make him mine but no I remained my cool. I tried not to make it obvious when I got a bit closer to him. He was looking up at a shirt and I grabbed two different kind of The Beatles shirt and said, "hey do you think I should get this one or this one?" My legs were shaking. My heart was racing. He turns and points at one of the shirts then looks at me. I look back at him and we have like this staring contest. Then he smiles and I mentally shoot myself because oh my God Luke freaking Hemmings just smiled at me! He offers his hand for a handshake. "I'm Luke," I know, I think to myself. I tell him my name and shake his hand. I'm never washing this hand again! Kidding. Anyways so inside my head I am I screaming. I try to act casual again and not cling around so I pretend I'm looking for other things. I try not to focus at the 5SOS section. I don't want him to know I'm a fan. Not yet. I'm busy looking through Harry Potter merch when I see him come up behind me. "I just want to say you have a lovely smile," he blushes. I can't even! "Thanks, you too. Do you work here?" I add, hoping that will hint the idea of me not knowing who he is. "Erm, no. You don't know who I am?" "Luke, you're Luke." I smile. "Um, yeah. I'm Luke," he smiles back. Then I see Calum and I bite my lip because even though I'm not a Calum girl, it's freaking Calum for gods sake! "Hey Lukey we're waiting for you," he looks at me and says, "Hey we can take a picture outside." "A picture?" I ask.  Luke elbows him and whispers something. "Sorry I meant hi, I'm Calum. Luke is single." Then he walks away and leaves Luke all embarrassed. "Sorry about that." "It's okay. Is he your brother?" "Close to a brother," he smiles. "Luke!" "Coming! Well I have to go," he says. "Bye, nice meeting you," I say. We shake hands and he walks out. I sigh. Moments later I see him running back in. "Can I have your number?" "Um, sure," I type in my number in his phone. "Thanks," he smirks. Next thing I know, he kisses my cheek and runs out. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! ···While I am trying to process everything and having a mental breakdown, he calls me that night, yup, calls not texts. How cute is that?! "Hey I was wondering if you want to hang out tomorrow?" "Um sure," I say. I need to cover my mouth to keep me from screaming. "Can I have your address?" I give him my address and then we talk a bit about this city and then we hang up. I know the guys are only in town for a while so I understand why he wants to hang out too. The next day he picks me up with his bodyguard of course, "is that your dad?" I ask. "Um, something like that,"Luke says nervously. We go to a pizza place. Of course, I smile to myself. "What?"he asks. "I love pizza," I giggle. "Me too," "I know, I mean I can tell because you brought me here." I am nervous as fuck. We eat and we talk about so many things. He never does mention about him being famous or why is there a man driving us around and waiting for us outside. So I guess you can say we are both keeping a secret. We go to an arcade after that. Luke is a fun guy to be with. I notice he looks around a lot. Probably hoping someone won't recognize him. And then She Looks So Perfect comes out on the radio. That freaking song is so catchy I have to tell my brain not to sing or dance or anything. I look over at Luke who is nervously playing with his lip ring."Listen I have something to tell you,"he says looking at me. "Let me guess? You like this song?" I tease. "Do you know who sings this song?" "Erm, All Time Low?" I'm being stupid I know but go along with me. "No. That's not all time low, that's-come here," he takes my hand and we go lay down in a rollercoaster simulator game. "I'm famous." He finally says. "Like, YouTube famous?" "It started there," I turn to look at him. He looks so guilty and I too start feeling guilty. I sit up even though the game is still going. "I know." I admit. "Huh?" "I'm sorry Luke. I just I really wanted to get to know you and I didn't want you to freak out or just treat me like a fan. I'm sorry." I feel the tears coming. He gets up, I know he's leaving so I look down because not seeing him walk away will hurt less. But instead of leaving I feel his hand on my cheek. I look up at him and he kisses me. LUKE ROBERT HEMMINGS FREAKING KISSES ME! "Ever since I looked into your eyes I felt something and I needed to get to know you (y/n). I don't care if you're a fan. Please give me a chance." "A chance?" "Yes, look I leave in a few days but I'd love to be with you while we're still here. I trust you. I don't know why but if you could hide the fact you were a fan then you can also hide my number and not give it to anyone else." I look at him confused. "We can't date fans, it's not allowed. But if you can pretend to then they will let me be with you. I can visit I can take you with me, I can. We can." My heart is bursting of happiness. "Yes Luke. Yes!" "So you will be my girlfriend?" "Yes," he smiles and we look into each others eyes and then we kiss.

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