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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


19. He is a bad boy (all)

Michael:   "Pass me the weed, dickhead." Michael yelled to his mate Luke, who was sitting with his back against the wall of some random house. "Don't say that too loud man." Luke groaned and handed him some weed. I felt kinda weird sitting next to them, watching them smoke weed or do other drugs. I got used to watching them get drunk and shit but I still couldn't stand the fact that they are now getting high all the time. "Michael I think you shouldn't do that." I said and he thought about it for a minute and handed the weed back to Luke. "You're right." Michael said which made his other friend Calum chuckle. "You're really doing what your girl is telling you? Man she's one of those loser from art class who are good at drawing and constantly talk about bands and shit. You could do so much better, like Anastasia. She's a hottie. Why don't you date her?" Calum said which made me feel quite sad and I knew that Michael noticed that. "Don't you dare talk to (Y/N) like that. She's a talented, beautiful girl and I'm lucky to have her okay?" He said and the boys' eyes widen. "Wow man, you must love her like a lot, I've never seen you freak out like that." Luke said and Michael nodded. "Yeah I do love her."



I was walking along the beach, alone as usual. I wasn't really a fan of being with other people, it's just not my thing. I kept on walking until I saw a few guys walking towards me, followed by some girls which weren't really wearing anything at all. Their parents must be proud of them. I decided to get out of their way and made my way to the bench near the beach. I was hoping they would just walk past me but I was wrong. Of course. One of the half naked girls who was probably drunk as heck decided to sit down next to me and started talking to me. "Yo, suggahhh mommah. You bettah get da fuck of dis ben-nn-ch." She said barely able to understand but since my dad is drunk all the time I was kinda used to listening to drunk talk. "Well I was here before you." I replied and she looked quite shocked. "Oi, you bettah do what I said, hoooe." She said and got off, waving her friends over. "What's up?" The tallest guy of all said and the girl who was just talking to me walked over to him and started touching places of his body that shouldn't be touched in Public. "This bitch wont leave." She said and her male friend raised one eyebrow. He was about to say something when his other friend started talking. "Well she was sitting here before you." He said and smiled at me, how nice. "Calum, I was hoping you beat the fuck out of her." The girl said and went over to the Calum guy. "She's cute and don't you dare touch me." He said and pushed her off. She looked quite pissed and left, her other friends following her, exept Calum. He said down beside me and smiled. "Hi, I'm Calum, nice to meet you."



There he was, Ashton. He was one of those guys that would just walk around town, doing nothing but smoking and drinking. I watched him through my window, I don't know why but I just enjoyed it. He seemed so calm and careless. I loved that. I sat down in front of my window, watching him sit down onto the grass that was in front of my house. He liked sitting there, he always did. Well at least when my parents weren't home, since they used to tell him to get off our grass, but he didn't care. 
He looked up into the sky, it was dark, the only thing that lit up the place were the stars and the moon. There was something about Ashton, that was just really interesting to me. If I could, I would go outside and sit down next to him, but I couldn't. I was too shy to talk to people, which is the reason why I usually watch people from my window. 
I kept on staring out of the window and at some point Ashton noticed I was watching him, I slowly backed off the window and sat down onto my bed. Awkward. When I got back to the window he was gone, a sad feeling came over me. I was about to sit back onto my bed, to go on tumblr when I heard a knock on my door, the door to my balcony. There he was, Ashton. I wasn't sure if I should open it, since he's known for being a bad ass, but I didn't care. I walked over and slowly opened the door. "Hey." He said and smiled. "Hey." I replied. "I noticed you staring at me." He said and smirked, I started to blush. "Sorry..." I muttered and he chuckled. "Don't worry, I only come here to watch you too." Even though that was a slightly creepy sentence I still found it extremly cute. "Wanna watch the stars together?" He asked and I nodded.



"Oh man, he's just so hot." My friend Jackie said as we were walking past the group of bad boys. Well they like to call themselves badboys, though I just think they're a group of kids that have a lot of problems and which are really sad on the inside. "I don't know, he seems weird." I muttered and she looked at me as if I was crazy. "Gurl, he is da hottest guy in da school hmhmmmm!" She groaned at me, pretty much spitting into my face the whole time. "Okay calm down, mate." I said and she rolled her eyes. "I wish he'd notice me, oh ohhhh he's looking over at us." She muttered, I turned around and he actually was looking at us, it looked like he was about to come over. "Oh my - he's going to talk to me, it's time!" Jackie squealed and tried to keep calm. "Hey (Y/N)." Luke said and smirked at me, Jackie's facial expression turned into a face of anger. "(Y/N)?!" She yelled and almost chocked on air. "Anyways uh- wanna go out tonight? You know, Calum's party is today." He said and I chuckled. "Hehe, no." I said and he looked quite shocked. "Uh what?" He asked and raised one eyebrow. "I'd rather stay home than going to a party which usually ends up in being drunk or someone who is drunk trying to get you to have sex with them." I said and Luke chuckled. "If you want to we could hang out at your house and watch netflix?" He suggest, wow, he didn't seem that weird to me anymore. "I would love to but - but Jackie fancies you so yeah- it would be rude if I'd go out with you." I said and he nodded. "What if I get her another date? Like someone who's not me?" He asked and I nodded. "Sounds like a good plan." I replied and chuckled.

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