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  • Publiceret: 14 jun. 2015
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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


25. He hits your child (Ashton)

"Babeee, I'm home." My husband Ashton yelled through the house as he stumbled into the livingroom where me and our children were sitting. "Oh hey Ash- wait are you drunk?" I asked as I noticed that his eyes were bright red and his breath smelled like alcohol. "No of course not." He said and sat down next to Ethan, one of our babyboys. "You should leave now Ethan, mommy and I are going to make a new Ethan." Ashton slurred and I pushed him off the couch. "Hey don't say that, I never said that-" Ashton cut me off. "I want sex and I want it now." Ashton muttered in my ear and I shook my head. "Mom, what's wrong with dad?" Ethan asked and I fake smiled at him. "Nothing, go to bed, baby." I said and Ethan got off the couch to leave the room but Ashton grabbed him by the arm and stopped him. "Did you really ask what's wrong with me?" Ashton asked him and Ethan nodded scared. Ash then started to chuckle and slapped Ethan right in the face. "Nothing is wrong with me!" He then yelled and Ethan started to cry, I ran over to him and hugged him. "What's wrong with you Ashton?" I groaned and kissed the back of Ethan's head. Ashton slowly realized what he did and started to apologize. "I don't know why I did this, I never meant to hit you. I'm sorry, big boy. I- uh-" I cut him off. "You should better go to bed now and try to apologize when you're not drunk anymore." And Ashton nodded.

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