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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


26. He 'hates' you (All)

Luke:   "I'm so excited for tonight!" Jasmine said and put her books onto her table. "Okay cool... Uh- you know, I- uh, I can't come with you today, I know you invited me but I just don't like parties." I mumbled and sat down beside her. "You can't just tell me you're not coming, hello?! I'm your best friend, you have to come with me!" She groaned and I shrugged. "Oh- hey babe." Luke, Jasmines boyfriend said as he placed his fat ass on my table to cut me out of their conversation. "Could you please move you're butt out of my face dickhead?!" I groaned and pushed him off. "Hey you should be happy to have this beautiful view, (Y/N)." He smirked. I can't stand him, he acts like the biggest yerk ever. All the girls love him because of his annoying ass - Aussie accent. "I'm glad this hoe isn't coming with you." He added. Well, I guess I have to come now.
"Jas, it's hot here." I mumbled as we entered the party. "Naw that's just my hot boyfriend you're looking at." She smirked. I actually looked at Luke, because I just hate him more than mushrooms, (and I hate mushrooms alot)."hello there ladies!" Luke said and smiled, his smile then disappeared when he noticed me. "I'll get us some drinks." Jas said and then left. "So... You look hot." Luke said and smiled. Wait what? "Uh thanks?" I replied unsure what to say. "(Y/N), I- I know I usually act like a dick to you and please don't tell this Jas, but I- uh- I really like you, since kindergarten." He then scratched his neck. "Oh- okay..." I mumbled, then left because I actually felt the same.



"I don't hate her, I just act like I do. I mean, come on guys, You all know that I'm not one of those guys that hate other people." Ashton said to his band members. "Then why are you acting like you hate her? You should know that that's the most stupid thing you've ever done? Why would you want to act like you-" Ashton cut Calum off. "Because I like her, alot. And I know she has a boyfriend, this weird guy from Spain, what was his name again?" Ash asked. "Pablo." Luke replied. "Yeah Pablo, like, how could I ever get her when she already has a tanned, spanish, good looking, strong man on her side?" Ashton groaned. "Ash, you're in a popular band, you are quite attractive and you're strong as well. I don't see the problem." Calum replied and Ashton shrugged. "All I want is that (Y/N) notices how much I love her." But what he didn't know, is that I've heard the whole conversation and I actually felt the same about him, but never told him because I thought he hated me. But I was wrong. "Ash, I-" before I could reply he jumped off the couch. "Holy shi*, how long have you been standing there?" He asked and I smiled. "Long enough to know that you like me the same way I like you." I said and kissed him. "Oh, uh- that's- that's good!" He mumbled and kissed me again. "Wait, what about Pablo?" He asked and I laughed. "Pablo is the exchange student I have to keep an eye on, that's why he's always around, and he likes to give me kisses on the cheek because that's what they do in their family." I giggled. "Oh, that's awkward." Ash mumbled. "Can you two get a room please, you're distracting me from playing Fifa." Luke groaned and Ashton and I left.



"Hey faggot." Michael smirked as he walked past me. "Shut up you idiot." I groaned back. "Oh please, Idiot? How old are you? Ten?" He asked and rolled his eyes. "Why are you always so mean to me Michael? I never did anything to you." I mumbled and felt kinda sad. Mikey and I used to be best friends.... *** Michael's POV. ***
Never did anything to me? What a liar. If she knew how much I actually love her but no, she chose Luke over me. I treated her like a princess, we hung out so many times but she had to choose Luke. I gave her everything and all I ever had. I spent all of my money on her but she decided to date Luke. That's why I hate Luke, that's why I hate (Y/N). Well actually, I don't hate (Y/N), I love her but I just hate the fact that I love her. Why does she have to be so beautiful?! Man. "You okay Mikey?" She asked and I shook my head. "No no I'm not. (Y/N), I love you okay? And I know that Luke will find out and probably kill me but I love you. I always have. I just hate that you chose Luke over me." I mumbled. "Michael, you're- you're my best friend I- I-" I cut her off and nodded. "Exactly." I then left and walked into my next class.



"You look ugly as hell today." Calum said as he walked past me. "Oh really? Then stop staring at my butt." I slayed back. I actually wouldn't ever say something like this but since I can't stay Calum, I just need to be sassy. "Oh your butt is flatter than my chest." He replied and winked at me. "I'll take that as a compliment because you kinda have man-boobs to be honest." I said and sat down onto the couch. Luke, Ash and Mikey are sitting on the couch as well but their just staring at us. "Oh you think you're funny huh?" He asked and I nodded. "I don't think so, I know I am." I replied and smirked. "Oh and since we're talking about being flat- and man-boobs, why are you wearing bra's again? I thought people wear them to cover up their boobs, but you obviously don't need to do that!" He added. "Oh really? Remember that one time in the bathroom of your tour bus where you banged me against the bathroom door and told me you liked me boobs?" I asked and Calum started to blush. "I uh- I lied. You're waaaay too skinny for me. You have no boobs, no ass and you look like a skeleton." He replied. I frowned. After me and Calum broke up and he told me that I wasn't pretty enough and I was fat, I started to go on a diet to look better for him. It was a healthy diet though, I ate healthier and lost a bit weight. But now I'm too skinny for him? "You alright?" Luke, who was sitting next to me, asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." I mumbled and got up. "I- I'm sorry." Cal muttered but I walked away. He walked after me and stopped me half way out of the room. "I didn't mean it, I'm sorry, I- I really like you okay? I just-" I cut him off. "But I don't like you..."

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