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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


22. He finds your fan account


I was sitting on my bed as I was scrolling through my tumblr, looking through some pictures of my man crushes, which I pretty much did every day, when my boyfriend Luke walked in. "Hey." He said and smiled. "Hey, who let you in?" I asked quite shocked since nobody is home except for me. "I got the keys to your house, remember?" He asked and winked at me. "I don't remember handing them to you." I said and chuckled, he shrugged. "Oh yeah, I gave them to myself." He said and sat down next to me, leaving me quite confused. "so what are you doing?" He asked and I smiled. "Nothing." I said and he smiled back. "Well then. I really need to show you a youtube video, I literally cried my eyes out... In a good way, it's so funny." He said and I nodded. "My laptop is right next to you." I said and he took it. We sat there quiet for a while until he started to chuckle. "What's so funny?" I asked, that's when I realized he may or may not have seen my secret fan acc on tumblr. "So, I mean - I always knew you liked that danisnotonfire guy but I never knew you were that obsessed with him." Luke said, which made me blush like hell. "Please give me back my laptop." I said and he shook his head. "You reblogged a lot of smut, never knew you were that dirty either," Luke said and chuckled, "oh what is that - 'a dirty Dan Howell Imagine' let me read that." He then added but I took away the laptop. "Okay we got it, I'm a weird fangirl." I said and he leaned over to kiss my forehead. "No you're not. I mean, I'd be happier if you had a fan Account of my band." He said and winked at me. "Well I have one on instagram." I said and smiled. "Do you post smut on that as well?" He asked and I nodded. "Yeah." I chuckled which made Luke smirk. "You dirty little baby." He said. "Sorry daddy."



"Oh Harry, please fuck me right in my Pussy," Calum said as he walked into the kitchen where me and the boys were sitting, "oh Harry please bang me against my bathroom door." He then added. "Cal are you alright?" Michael asked as he starts to laugh. "Well I'm not. My girlfriend fucking tweets Harry about banging her all the time." He said, which made me turn red af. "No she doesn't. I follow her on twitter and she barely tweets anyone." Ashton says and Calum nodded. "That's because she has a 1D Fan Account. Am I right at Harrehfml?" (I just made that up ok haha) I slowly started to move towards the door to leave as Calum grabbed my arm. "You know that I could bang you better that Harry could?" Calum asked and I nodded, which probably wasn't a good idea but I didn't knew what to do in that awkward situation. "Calum leave that poor girl alone." Ashton said and Calum let go of my arm. "Remember, I would bang you against any bathroom door you want." He said and winked. "Oh god Calum please stop, you're being really creepy right now." Michael said and pulled Calum over to him. "I am so sorry (Y/N), Calum just doesn't really know how to act around girls, especially not if they're his girlfriend." Luke said and I chuckled, then left. I ended up getting text messages from him all night long, telling me what he could do to me and that he's way better than Harry. About a week later I decided to delete my One Direction Fan Account because Calum still tried to impress me with his weird ass messages which creeped me out a lot.



"So who is your celebrity crush... And no, I don't count as a celebrity. I know it's hard to find someone as awesome as me but I'm pretty sure you'll find someone else." Michael, my best friend, asked. "Uh- yeah well... It's really hard to think of someone that isn't you... - but I guess Evan Peters would be my celebrity crush." I said and smiled. "Oh, that hot guy from American Horror Story, aye?" He asked and I nodded. "Yeah he's a bae. Not as bae-ish as me but almost as hot." He said and I rolled my eyes. "Why did you want to know?" I asked him and he smiled. "Because I stumbled across a account on instagram which was a fan account of Evan Peters and that girl who owns or better said, owned this account posted a selfie a while ago and she looked like you. This account is a bit older and inactive but the 5sosfam tagged me on her picture saying that she looks like you." He said and smiled. "I used to own a Evan Peters Account a while ago." I said and chuckled. "I knew it was you, haha." He said and smirked. "You know, I have a Ariana Grande Fan Account as well. I've had it for a couple of years now and yeah, I still post on it." He said and winked at me. "Oh really? That's cool. What's your username?" I asked and he smiled. "It's Boobianah." He said and winked at me. "You know, I really like her boobs." He said which made me laugh. "Well everyone likes Ariana's boobs." I said and he nodded. "But your boobs are better." He said and smirked. "Alright, lets change the topic." I said and Michael chuckled.



(Imagine he's your older brother) "(Y/N), what are you doing?" Ashton asked as he walked into my room and smiled. "Nothing, why?" I asked and he chuckled. "I made dinner, would you mind to join me?" He asked and I shook my head. "Nope, I don't mind." I said and giggled. We then made our way into the kitchen and started to eat the pasta that Ashton made. "So, what have you been up to when I was on tour?" He asked and smiled. "Nothing much, just chilling in my bedroom." I said and chuckled. "You're 16, you should go out and have fun, not chilling in your room." He said and I rolled my eyes. "You sound like mom." I said and he giggled. I then noticed the notifications on my phone popping up. "Wait, why did you turn your notifications on for Luke?" Ashton asked and raised one eyebrow. "Uh- I got them on for everyone of your band, just to stay updated." I said and blushed. "No no you didn't. You have a crush on Luke, am I right?" He asked and I nodded, looking down. "No way oh my god." He said and got up. "I would love to kill him right now. You're not allowed to love any other boys except for me, your older brother." He said which made me laugh. "Don't worry, you'll always be my favourite boy." I said and smiled, he then kissed my forehead. "Do you own a fan account?" He asked and I nodded. "Yup, but it's only a Luke fan acc." I said and smiled. "Oh really? How long have you been liking Luke?" He asked and I giggled. "Since he first came here for band practice." I said and Ashton's eyes widen. "I think it's time for you two to date," he said and laughed, "I'll try my best to get him to like you." He then added and winked at me.

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