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  • Publiceret: 14 jun. 2015
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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


8. Calum

Calum's POV* It's Saturday night and my girlfriend and I are having a movie night at my house. We are alone since my family is gone for the weekend. Outside, there's a thunderstorm and it's very cold so we keep each other warm by snuggling up and drinking hot chocolate. When we finish watching the movie we realize it's 11pm."I shall get you home," She gets her stuff ready and I open the front door. "Oh my." She gasps. The rain is hard, it'd be dangerous to drive in this weather. "You can stay over," I say. "What should I tell my family?" She says taking out her phone. "Tell them you're spending the night with Mali and if they ask, say I'm gone with my parents for the weekend." After she talks to them she sets her stuff down. I look at her and she stares back and there's this sudden urge in me to tell her I love her. It's crazy since we've only been together for three months. But I love her, I do. It feels right, like, I don't have to go around looking for anyone else because she is all I need, all I want."I love you," her eyes sparkle when I say it. A smile forms in her face and she says it back, "I love you too Calum, I-I wanted to say it but I thought it was too soon." I smile at her and touch her cheek. "It seems like I know you forever though," I kiss her nose and look deeply into her eyes.I shift my eyes towards my room and she knows exactly what I'm trying to say."To hell with waiting, I want you too," she laughs and presses her body against me. We make out for a long while and I carry her into my room. I place her in my bed and slowly take her clothes off. We lay completely naked and so I grab the condoms and the lightning outside makes the lights go out. I can still see her because of the lightning. I enjoy looking at her beautiful face as we make love. We kiss and make love for hours, stopping to rest but then going at it again. At the dawn of morning we are so tired and sleepy. We lie together, our bodies intertwined. It is so beautiful, as if we are only one soul. And I believe we are, she's my other half. She falls asleep with her head against my chest. "Calum," she whispers. "Mm?" I ask. Then I realize she only said my name in her dreams. I kiss her forehead and hug her tighter. "I love you princess" and then I fall asleep.
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