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  • Publiceret: 14 jun. 2015
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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


5. Calum imagine

"Knock knock" you hear your boyfriend say at the door whilst walking in. "Hey baby" he says. "G'mornin' Tyler" you say whilst leaning in to press a soft kiss to his lips. "We're going out." He says. "Oh, I was doing something with Calum tonight baby" you say. "(Y/N), I'm sick and tired of you hanging out with him over me. I'm your boyfriend not him" he says. "Tyler, we've had this talk before. Calum and I have-" "Have been best friends forever" he finishes your sentence trying to mimic your tone. "I can't just bail on Calum ty." You half yell. "Fine whatever." He says walking out of your house. This isn't the first time you've had one of these fights. The whole 5 months you've been dating you have these fights constantly. 
Half an hour went by, and you decided that it was time to get ready to go to calum. 
You arrive at Calum's 15 minutes later and he opens the door with his arms wide open. "(Y/N) honey, you're back" he says. "Yeah..." You trail still feeling upset. "What's wrong?" He asks. "Nothing Cal. I'm fine". "Fine my ass, now tell me what happened" he says sitting down and patting the spot next to him for you to take a seat. "It's just Tyler. He got angry that I was seeing you tonight because he wanted to do something." Calum stiffens at Tyler's name. "I hate him." He says. "Wha- Calum why?" You ask quite taken aback. "He's an ass to you, and I know things." "What things?" You ask. "It's not my position to tell you" he says. You get angry and walk out the door. Storming off to Tyler's place. Maybe he might still be up for doing something. When you get there you can hear Tyler talking to his friend Ronny. "Has the deal be sealed yet?" Ronny asks. "No, I was going to tonight but she was hanging out with her friend Calum" Tyler says and you were shocked. "Dude, you better have sex with her soon or the deal is off" Ronny says and you can't take it anymore. You barge in. "So these 4 months meant nothing to you?" You yell at Tyler. "Baby no. It's someone else". "Don't baby me you asshole. We're over". You ran out to your car and drove back to Calum's house. You were a mess. Mascara was smeared down your face and your eyes were extremely puffy. You were a crying mess. "Calum!" You yell once you get out of the car. "Cal" you say and he's running to you. "Oh (Y/N), you heard didn't you?" You couldn't talk so you just nodded and snuggled closer to cal. "Can I sleep the night?" You ask Calum and he nods. You make your way to his bedroom and you hop in his bed. "Okay well, sleep tight (Y/N) I'll sleep on the couch" he says walking out. "Calum, no. Stay. Please? I need you" Calum shuffles over and hops into bed with you. "Goodnight (Y/N)" he says and you were falling to sleep quickly. "I like you (Y/N). I really do, and I can't admit this to your face when you're awake because I freeze up" he thought you were sleeping. But you were not. "Then kiss me" you mumble into Calum's chest. "(Y/N)- I. You weren't meant to hear-" "Just kiss me Calum" and with that he kisses you. 
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