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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


15. Cal Pal

Your POV*

I wish I can stop thinking about Calum. I wish I can stop thinking about his smile, his laugh, his voice, his stupid jokes, but I can't. Especially since he's coming my way right now of course with his girlfriend, who happens to be my best friend, hand in hand. She has that smile on her face that without any words it says, "ha he's mine not yours." My heart breaks a little because I wish he was mine. I saw him first, I liked him first but because of my stupidity, I kept it to myself and didn't do anything about it. I can still remember six months ago when she confessed her feelings for him. I was about to tell her I liked him too but I backed down. I thought she just had a crush on him and that it'd go away. But she started talking to him more and more in a flirty way. One thing led to another and a month after that, she barged into my room and announced "Calum and I are official!" Official. It hit me hard but I faked a smile and said "congratulations." I was dying inside. I recall texting him and saying something like "hey congratulations. You better treat her right." And he texted back saying "I will ;)" I constantly imagine it is me who is dating him. Me who holds his hand, who calls him mine. But then I see them kiss or walk hand in hand towards me and my bubble bursts. "Hey you." My best friend waves once they're in front of me. "Hey," I smile. Calum smiles at me and then looks at my best friend. "Ask her." He tells her. "Oh yeah so we wanna know if you can come with us to six flags this Saturday? We just need your response so we can purchase the tickets right now," she says. "Just us three?" I ask. "Yes," "i hate third wheeling," I mutter. "We won't pda in front of you," she assures. I want to say no. I want to shove her to the side and kiss Calum. I mean I can totally do it I- "hello," Calum waves. I notice I have been staring at him. "Sorry I was just thinking about something else." I say. "So it's a yes or no?" My best friend asks. "Yes, I'm in." I smile at her. "Great!" Calum cheers and taps something on his phone. "Bought them. You can't back down now," he winks at me. I hate when he does that. I hate when he winks at me like ugh doesn't he know he drives me crazy?! And can't my best friend see that he winks at me? Does he do it on purpose or does it without an emotion behind it? I need to stop over thinking these things! "Okay babe well I have to go to class," he tells her. She nods and kisses his cheek. "See you later," he hugs her and he looks at me. We lock eyes for a bit. Omg. He leaves and I'm about to leave too when my best friend grabs my arm. "I need to tell you something dude." "I don't wanna be late to class," I say. She takes out a fake note from the nurse's office, which the teacher always falls for, and gives it to me. "Okay, what?" I ask. "I had sex on Saturday night." She blurts out. My heart pounds. I can't hear anymore of this. "Oh my god ew I don't wanna know what you and Calum do," I walk away and she screams after me. "Tell me later I forgot I have a test!" I lie. I get away from her and I realize there are tears falling from my eyes. I can't believe she would tell me that. But it's my fault, it's my fault for not making a move, for not speaking up about my feelings. I dry my eyes and go to class. About 10 minutes later I receive a text from Calum, "hey you look pretty today. Well you always do. But thought I'd let you know." What? How dare he?! Why would he?! I text back, "wrong number." "Nope. This is (y/n) right?" So it was for me. He sends another text, "take it from a friend to a friend." He says. "Okay thanks. I thought you accidentally texted me a text that was suppose to be for your girl. I hope you never accidentally sext me or tell me details about whay you two did Saturday night. You better not get her pregnant!" I can't believe I just sent him that. I hope I don't sound jealous or something. I put my phone away and focus in class. Later, the bell finally rings and we can go home now. As the door opens I see Calum standing outside of my class. "Where's (y/bff/n)?" I ask. "She said she had to stay for detention." "Oh," I nod. I can't look at him straight in the eye. Just imagining him doing it to her makes me want to push him away. "Hey can we talk?" He asks. "About?" "Your text." He whispers. "Look I'm sorry. I shouldn'have told you that I know. She'll hate me if she finds out I'm telling you what she tells me about you guys doing it." I stutter. "That's the thing," he says. "What?" "What else did she tell you?" "Nothing. I cut her off. I didn't wanna hear that. Gross." I pretend to gag. He doesn't laugh. His face is very serious. "I have never had sex with her." He admits. I finally lock eyes with him, "huh? So she lied?" I can't believe it! He shakes his head. "She didn't. She was most likely going to tell you more. Look please don't tell her that you told me. Wait for her outside of her detention class and take her to the stairs next to that class. Tell her to tell you everything." "Okay?" I'm so confused. "I'll be sitting on the second floor stairs. I'll be able to hear." He seems sad. Then it hits me. Oh shit! Is it possible she cheated on him? No fucking way! I do as he says. While I wait for her, I look at my phone. I notice Calum did reply to me "I wasn't aware we had sex." She's so busted. "Hey you," I look up and see her coming to me, she sits beside me. "I saw you pass by." Calum had gone through a different way so I doubt she knows he's around. "Are you done with detention?" "Nah but the supervisor is asleep." She laughs. "So you and Calum had sex?" I tease. She frowns. "I didn't do it with him." "So you lied to me?" "Um no. I did have sex but with my ex." She says nervously. "What?" "Please don't tell Calum." I want to punch her. I want to punch her so bad. "She doesn't have to tell me. I just heard it myself." Calum says as he walks down the stairs. Her face is as pale as a ghost. "Calum what are you doing here?" Her voice breaks. "Breaking up with you that's what I'm doing." She rushes toward him and I step in. Woah, I step in and confront her. "You're an idiot. Calum is a great guy and you do this to him? I thought you loved him. That's why I never admitted that I liked him. That and because I was so stupid to open up." "You like me?" I hear Calum say. "I knew you liked him. It was obvious. I saw his name on your notebook and I told myself I would get him first." What a bitch! "Well you don't deserve him!" I scream. She starts laughing. "Have him. I don't give a fuck." Calum gets in front of me. "It's over. The two of us are done with you." He grabs my hand and we leave her behind. We go inside his car where he lays his head on the steering wheel. "None of this would have happened if I would've made the move on you first," he says. "What are you saying?" "That I liked you but I didn't know how to tell you, then she came up to me and I assumed you didn't like me that way." "We both messed up." He grabs my hand, "but we can clear up this mess." "What are you going to do with the extra six flags ticket?" I ask. "How about we give it to someone who's in line ready to spend their savings? They can use their money for something else and we give them the extra ticket?" "You're so sweet," I shriek. He smiles and looks at me. We don't say anything more. It's our stares who speak for each other, and then it is our lips who show each other what our stares say.

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