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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


2. Ashton imagine (Scary)

    Ashton pulled up into the driveway of the beautiful peach victorian house. "It's more beautiful in person," you sighed and smiled at Ashton. "It's nice," he says looking around. A real estate agent met you at the front porch. "Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Irwin. I'm Meredith Pierce. I'll show you around the house." The two of you shook her hand and followed her inside the house. You went room to room familiarizing yourself with the place. As you enter the master bedroom you turn to Ashton, "This is it. We can stop looking for a house. I love this one." He pulls you into him and kisses you. "Anything for my queen." You learn the house has six bedrooms, two living rooms, three bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a dining table, and a beautiful backyard. After the house tour Ashton looks at Meredith. "We'll take it. How much again?" "Great!" She said and wrote something on a notepad. Then she told him the price and both you and Ashton we're shock. "That cheap?" "Yes," Meredith scratched her arm nervously. "There has to be a catch to this," Ashton giggles. "When was the last time someone lived here?" You ask her. "2008" "you mean the house has been vacant for seven years? What happened to the people who lived here?" You felt goosebumps and tried to shake the feeling away. "They moved away. Couldn't pay for it anymore. The bank bought the house and decided to change the price," Meredith said. "Babe, let's take it,"Ashton smiles at you. You take another look around. You tell yourself to stop thinking bad things. Only paranormal things happened on tv. "Okay," you smile at Ash. "Let's get it."···"Are you done packing sweetie?" You ask your 10 year old daughter Ashley. "Yes mum. I'm so happy I don't have to share rooms with this loser," she glared at your 8 year old son Josh. "You're the loser!" He shouted at her. "Stop fighting or we will put you in a room together!" You demanded. You walked to your own room where Ashton was playing with your 1 year old son Gavin. "Ready?" He asks you. "Yes, it's time to fill the truck." You look around at all the packed boxes. You were happy you were finally moving out of this small two bedroom apartment. The kids are amazed at the view of the house. Josh chooses the room across of yours on the second floor and Ashley chooses one downstairs. You let them run around so they can know the house better. Ashton is setting up Gavin's crib in the room next to yours. "Mum! I love this house!" Josh comes running in. "I knew you'd love it honey," you say patting his shoulder. "I found a secret pathway," he giggled. "Secret pathway?" Ashton asks. "Yes there's a secret door behind my room." You frown at Ashton. "Let me check it out," Ashton follows Josh to his bedroom. You carry Gavin downstairs to Ashley's room where she's setting up her things. "Do you like your room honey?" "Yes mum," she grins. Then, you hear Ashton's scream. "Hold your brother," you give Ashley the baby and rush up stairs to Josh's room. "Damnit!" You hear Ashton shout from inside the closet. You walk in and there was another door, the secret pathway your son talked about. There was a narrow hallway that led to another door. You saw Ashton laying on the floor. "What happened?" "He stepped on a nail," Josh winced. You kneel down in front of Ashton's foot. "This will hurt a bit-Josh can you go get me some alcohol and a bandaid please. The box is in our bedroom." He does as you tell him and comes back with it. You pull the nail out of Ashton's foot as he screams in pain. You put alcohol on the wound and then a bandaid. "Yeah it's going to hurt to walk on your heel for a bit, it wasnt that deep but yeah" you say. "Thank you doc," Ashton smirked. "So secret pathway huh?" You say looking around. "What's behind that door?" You ask. You walk towards it. "I already tried honey but it's locked. It seems to lead to the living room." "Well we can figure it out later, cmon we still got a lot to do." You say. ··· After an exhausting day of putting things up and putting the kids to sleep you can finally rest in bed. "We have a whole lot of things to set up still," you tell Ashton who just got out of the shower. "Relax babe," he smirked. He got in bed and pulled you into him and kissed you. "I want you," he whispered in your ear. That always drove you crazy. "I'm all yours," you tease. He pursues taking your clothes off and gets on top of you. While you're making love you hear Gavin cry. "The baby," you say. "I'm almost done," Ashton giggles as he thrusts in some more. You laugh and push him off of you. He lays back and slaps your bum as you leave. "Ashton Irwin!" You laugh. You put on your robe and walk out of the room. You make your way to Gavin's room only to see him sleeping peacefully. "He stopped crying." You say when you go back to Ashton. "Come here baby, come here and moan my name," he grunts. You laugh and fall into his arms again.The rest of the week you worked on setting everything up. Most of the time you were alone with Gavin since the kids went to their new school and Ashton was at work. It was a Friday afternoon when Ashton came home with the kids. "Ashley tell your mum what you told me." He tells your daughter. "What is it sweetie?" "Kids at school are telling me this house is bad. They said a woman and her son died in here." She says looking around. "Wicked huh?" Ashton grins and you glare at him. "I mean, oh no. That's sad. But no Ashley this house isn't bad. We've been here for a whole week and nothing has happened." He says and kisses her forehead. "You're right dad," she says and goes to her room. "How was school Josh why are you so quiet?" "Just wondering what's behind that door." He said as he thought about the secret pathway. "Sweetheart, I'm sure it's nothing." "But mum, I -" "Josh don't go in there you hear me?" "Okay mum" "pinky promise?" He laces his pinky with yours. "Pinky promise." While the kids changed into their regular clothes you look at Ashton, "we need to open that door." "You just told Josh-" "I know but we need to open it. It is our house we need to be familiarized with everything. I'm just uneasy about the fact Meredith didn't tell us about the death of the woman and her son. No wonder it's cheap. If they died here people start believing paranormal things happen and rumors go around and this is why people don't buy the house-" you didn't realize you were speaking fast until Ashton calmed you down. "Babe, calm down. I don't believe that stuff anyway." You relaxed in his arms and proceeded cleaning the house. Two weeks later everything was set and you felt settled in your new home. You laughed at yourself for thinking paranormal things would happen but nothing ever did. The next project was for Ashton to open that door in the secret pathway. You were there when he started taking out the doorknob. He opens the door and flashes his flashlight. "A bathroom?" You ask and the both of you start laughing. "Maybe the architects did this wrong and decided to lock it," Ashton said. You flipped the light switch and the light turned on. There was no window and the toilet was broken. Spiderwebs everywhere. "What is it?" Josh comes from behind you. "A bathroom," Ashton chuckles. "Awesome! My own bathroom!" "No Josh, it's broken." You say. "Awww fine," One night there was a storm and you went around closing every window and making sure the kids had enough blankets. When you were finally in bed with Ashton you heard Gavin cry. "He always cries and when I go he's sound asleep," you sigh. "Bring him in here with us. The storm is probably going to scare him anyways." That night you fell asleep with Gavin between the both of you. At 4am you wake up suddenly. You see a shadow standing by the door and panic sets in. You turn on the lamp and see it's just your daughter, "baby what's wrong?" You ask her. She doesn't respond. Her eyes are half open. Ashton wakes up and you turn to look at him. "What's wrong?" "Ashley, she-" you turn back and see she is gone. "She was there," you point at the entrance. Ashton gets up and checks down the hallway. He goes down to her bedroom and comes back upstairs. "She's sound asleep-" "but I saw her - nevermind it was probably just a nightmare," you say and hug baby Gavin. The next morning as the kids get ready for school Josh comes up to you. "Mum why did you come out from the secret pathway last night. What were you doing in there at 3 in the morning?" You feel chills down your spine. "Baby I didn't go in there" "you did." "Did not now finish up your cereal your dad is almost coming downstairs to take you to school." "You're a liar mum." "Josh do not speak to your mother like that!" Ashton says as he comes to the dining room. "But she was in the secret pathway at 3! I saw her!" "You were probably dreaming." "No! I saw her!" Ashton spanked him in his bum out of anger while you and Ashley watched in disbelief. Gavin started crying. "I hate you!" Josh screams at him and storms off. Ashley stands behind you. "Ashton what got into you? You never hit our kids." Ashton took a step back and looked at his hand. "I'm sorry-I -I don't know what got into me. I didn't like the way he talked to you and I-" "go talk to him now" Ashton retreats himself and goes upstairs. "Mum, I'm scared." Ashley says. "Honey, it's fine. Dad isn't mean he's just stressed." "It's not about dad," tears well up in her eyes. "Then what is it?" "Last night, around the same time Josh says he saw you, I got thirsty and went to the kitchen for water. I saw you and Gavin and dad in the living room. You told me to come sit with you and I said I would grab my blankie and when I came back to the living room no one was there." She burst in tears and you hug her. "Sweetie -" "and no I wasn't dreaming mum, do you believe me?" You nod and remember seeing her last night. "I don't like this house anymore mum," "baby, nothing bad will happen to you." The kids missed school that day and things between Josh and Ashton were fixed. You decided to investigate about the house. You called Meredith but she never answered, so at night while you were in bed you googled it. "Ashton!" You scream to him. He comes running out of the bathroom , "what happened?" "The kids at school were right," you say and point at the online article. A woman and her 1 year old son were killed by an intruder inside the house. There bodies were found in the secret pathway. You felt chills and this time you couldn't stop them. "We need to get Josh out of there," you panicked. "Babe, calm down. Nothing has happened the three weeks we've been here. Nothing will happen." "Ashton, the house was cheap for this exact same reason! You may not believe in the paranormal but I do! I wasn't dreaming last night and so many things happened." You cried. "You wanted this house! We wanted it! It's a great house!" "Ashton stop yelling at me! You never yell and all of a sudden you do and you hit our son and-" you hear a loud loud cry. "Gavin," you whispered. You ran to your baby but he wasnt in his crib. "Gavin!" You scream. You run into Josh's room. "You hear it too?" He asks. "Where's your brother?" "I saw you go in there with him" he pointed at the secret pathway. Ashton ran towards the door of the pathway but it wouldnt open. "Open the damn door!" Ashley comes running in. "Mum! Mum! I saw you again sitting in the-" the door swings open and Ashton falls back. Gavin cry sounds louder. "I think she wants her baby" "who?" Josh asks. "The dead woman. She thinks she's still alive and wants her baby. She thinks Gavin is her baby," you tear up. "Give me my son back!" You run inside the pathway. "Babe! No!" You hear Ashton yell. The door shuts and it is pitch black. You hear Gavin's muffled cry. "Gavin? Baby mommy is here. Mommy is coming for you. GIVE ME MY SON!" Suddenly the lights come on. You see the door of the secret bathroom open. There's a woman dressed in black sitting on a chair, Gavin is in her arms crying. You run towards them and the door shuts while the one in the closet opens. Ashton comes running in behind you. "She has our baby." You cry. Behind him you see Josh and Ashley. Ashley holds Gavin in her arms. "What?" You ask. "He came crawling in the room. The lady and baby are the spirits. They can transform themselves to look like different people or several I read this somewhere" Ashton says. You suddenly understand everything. It was clear these spirits didn't want anyone here. All those cries you thought were Gavin's was not his but the baby's spirit. "Let's get out of here," Ashton says. You don't grab anything. The five of you head down the stairs. The front door opens and you are shocked at what you see. "Honey we're home!" Ashton cheers as he comes in carrying Gavin. Josh and Ashley are behind him.
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