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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


3. Another Ashton imagine

Your POV:
You and your best friend Skylar were currently walking the streets of the city. It was warm so you were in your floral play suit. "Look it's Ashton" your friend points out and you duck your head in embarrassment. "Relax (Y/N), he likes you too. He just thinks you like someone else." She says. "Wait what?" You question her. "I overheard him talking to Luke. He said that he's too afraid to ask you out but if he saw you with any other guy he'd go ask you straight away in case he missed his chance" skylar babbles to you. "Sky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" You ask her. "Yes. Shall we talk to Luke? He knows you like him. We can use him in our plan" you both nod and stand up. 
That afternoon, you found Luke and filled him in on what was going to happen. You found out Ashton would be at the mall tomorrow so you decided the plan would take place there. You and Luke would flirt in from of Ashton and he'd get jealous and ask you out. That's how you planned on it happening. The next day, Luke picked you up in his 1965 Ford Mustang. It was such a beautiful car. On the way to the mall, Ashton called Luke. "Hey buddy, wanna hang out today?" Ashton spoken into his phone. "Sorry ash, I'm hanging with (Y/N) today. Next time maybe?" Luke says with a prominent smirk on his face. "Oh. Yeah sure" Ashton says and hangs up. You both giggle and start talking about latest hits on the radio. Once at the mall, you found Ashton by himself drinking Starbucks. You decide you'd walk passed him with yours and Luke's arms linked together laughing. "Haha aww lukey, you're joke was cute don't worry" you say walking passed Ashton. In the corner of your eye you could see Ashton look up with sadness and a flash of anger in his eyes. You turn back to Luke and right when you did, you felt someone pull you away. "What th- Ashton?" You say. "What are yo-" before you could finish, Ashton's lips were firmly on yours. Sparks ignited in the pit of your stomach and the touch of his hands on your waist made a tingling feeling course through your body. A moment later you break from the kiss. "(Y/N), I'm sorry" Ashton says. "I shouldn't have done that. You clearly like Luke." He says backing away. "Wait, Ashton" you grab his arm and he turns back. "I don't like Luke" you say. "Oh.." He trails. "I.." You say getting closer. "Like..." You say travelling your hands to his cheeks. "You" you finish. "Kiss me" Ashton says and you do. You kiss him so passionately. "Be mine?" Ashton mumbles against your lips. "Oh, how long I've waited for those words to leave your mouth". You breath. "So is that a yes?" Ashton questions. "Hell yeah I'll be yours" and you kiss him once more. 


Hei ^.^

Jeg vil gerne sige tak til de få der læser med, hvis der overhovedet er nogle.

 jeg ved godt det ikke er mine egne, selv om jeg godt kunne sige det og i ville måske være lige glade, men jeg kan ikke være lige glad når det er nogle andres jeg har læst, og jeg følte ligesom at i også skulle have lov til at læse dem, ved godt nogle af dem kan blive platte, det vil jeg undskylde for på forhånd ^.^

- Amalie Irwin

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