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Dette er imagines jeg har fundet på instagram og tumblr, så jeg vil give alt credit til dem der har skrevet dem :)


13. A mistake Ashton

you were at the airport impatiently waiting for Ashton to arrive. The guys were finally coming back from tour after 6 months. Fans started showing up and were also waiting for them. Fans have always been nice to you and have accepted your relationship with Ash. Today felt different though. They now forced a smile at you and seem worried. You started to feel uncomfortable so you took out your book and started reading. Moments later a girl approached you, "hey," she smiles. "Hi love," you smike back and close your book. "Um, I'm just wondering if you're okay?" She asks. "Yeah I'm okay." You smile. "So you're not mad at Ashton?" "Mad at him for what?" Yoy give her a puzzled look. "Erm, nevermind bye!" She hurries away and you start following her but then the sound of cheers make you stop. You turn and you see the guys finally come out. "(Y/N)!" He screams out your name. You run towards him and jump into his arms. It's all so emotional so you start crying. He kisses you softly on the lips. Oh how you've missed his hugs and kisses. "I've missed you." You say. "Me too." You wave at Calum, Michael and Luke who are awkwardly standing a few feet away. Weirdly, the screaming has stopped and you are sure everyone is whispering to each other. Have the fans stop liking you? "They've been strange with me today," you whisper in Ashton's ear. "You don't care that he cheated on you?" A girl screams and everyone gasps. You look to the crowd of girls and wondered who said that. Your heart beat fast. "Why did she say that?" You turn to Ashton. "I don't know. Rumors." He mutters and doesn't make eye contact with you. "It came out today!" The same voice shouted. You look behind him to see how the other guys reacted. "Guys?" You raise your eyebrow. The three of them sadly look away. You take out your phone and you notice all these notifications on your twitter. Tears quickly fall from your eyes. If everyone could stop whispering you'd be sure they can hear your heart breaking. A picture of Ashton and a girl kissing has gone viral. You notice the necklace on her neck. The same one you gave him before he left on tour. "It was a mistake." Ashton quickly defends himself. You look up at him angry. "Her or me?" But before he can answer you slap him hard. Everyone gasps. Flashes everywhere. You turn your heel and walk away. "I'm sorry baby! It's you who I love." Ashton cries out. You turn to look at him. "I'm not forgiving you. Go fuck yourself!" You shouted and ran.


You've been crying for hours now just trying to process the fact that Ashton cheated. Why did he do it? You get mad all over again just by scrolling down your timeline and seeing all the drama unfold. Like you, most fans are sad and mad that he would do that. Pictures of you slapping him are already going viral. Many are calling you a bitch for slapping him. Everything is pretty much a battle. A battle you don't feel like fighting. A battle in which both of you lose. Ashton tries to reach out for you. In fact, he's already called you a dozen times, left you voicemails and a load of texts. The next days are hell. As you continue to ignore Ashton, you still have to deal with the paps. You want to be left alone so you take a mini vacation to your aunts house two hours away. You stay there until the drama calms down a bit. Three weeks have passed since that awful day. You get up and get ready to go out for a run. Your plan is to go back home that night so you want to start your day off good. You step out the door and when you start walking down the stairs, you stop and notice Ashton standing at the gate. You're so ready to go back inside the house. "Wait please." He says. "How did you find me?" You mutter. "You always come here when you're sad or when you want to be left alone." He knew you so well. He comes toward you. "Don't get anywhere near me." But he ignores you. He bends down and grabs you by the legs. "Ash!" You gasp. He carries you out towards the lake. "Ashton put me down!" You punch his back but he doesn't put you down. He finally puts you down on a blanket by the lake. You quickly get up and glare at him. "Why'd you do that for?"you frown. "I knew if I asked you to come with me you wouldn't. Please sit down." "But Ashton-" "I said please." You sit down in the blanket. He grabs the picnic basket that's sitting in the corner. He takes out fruit, sandwiches and juice. He grabs a fork and gets a piece of watermelon. "Open your mouth please." You do as he says and he feeds you then himself. "Ashton why are you doing all this?" He keeps chewing on his fruit. "I'm going crazy without you,"he finally said. "Well, you should've thought about that before you cheated." "(Y/N) I already told you she was a mistake." "Go tell someone who cares." You stand up ready to leave. "I was mad when I found out you cheated so I was like "hey why not get revenge" so the last weel before I came back. I met her but it was a mistake. I felt bad afterward." You look at him confused. "Ashton I never cheated on you." You say. "Then what's this?" He flips through his phonw texts and shows you a picture of you eating with a guy. Someone must have took it and send it to him. "You idiot. That's my cousin. The guy I told you who was in jail. Who the fuck is following me around? Did that go viral too?" "No. Your best friend sent it to me. Wait so you didn't cheat?" You were in complete shock. "She's not my best friend anymore. We got in a fight because I was honest to her now ex and told him she cheated and once again no I would never cheat on you. I can't believe she would do this omg" Ashton looks away sadly. "I wanted to get you mad. I lent her the necklace you gave me. I wanted to hurt you with that picture. But I regretted it after. All I wanted was to take it back and have those pics deleted but when that didn't happen I was hoping for you to not see it." He's crying now. You hated seeing him cry. "Ashton," you grab his wrists. "I feel stupid." He mumbles. "I don't deserve you. I'm an idiot." "Ash-" "i should've called you in the first place and ask.""Ashton-"you were trying to tell him something. "I love you,"he cries. "For fucks sake Ashton!" You shout and pin him down. You get on top of him and kiss him. "I forgive you. I forgive you. I forgive you." He smiles between kisses. You then lay by his side and cuddle. "I thought you wanted me to fuck myself?" Ashton giggles. "Well did you?" You joke. "Na. I'm waiting for you to make that move." "Ash!" You playfully hit his arm. He laughs and kisses you then you have brunch together.



Jeg håber i kan lide dem indtil vidre

hvem og hvad skal det næste være med? 

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- Amalie Irwin

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