Life is Hard

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Alyssa live's in an orphanage, her parents died in an car accident for many years ago, when Alyssa was 1 year old. She was found in her home by a caretaker, and was brought to the orphanage. Now she's 14 years old, and she's only waiting to be adopted by someone. Will she ever be adopted and get a normal life, that she never had ? Read and find out, and read the movella like a fairytale, or is it ? <3


6. Chapter 5.



Alyssa's POV


''Please sign these pair of papers.'' An employee told Simon, as he took a pen and began to write his signature. I didn't have a clue, of what was happening in front of me. But my best guess, was that their were making a deal with something. 


''Done.'' Simon said in fun, when he was done writing. He didn't get me laugh, but for his sake, I giggled. 


''So Mr. Simon, you can go get her things and leave now, or you could chose when.'' The employee smiled up at Simon from her chair. But if I'm as smart, as I think, I am, I think I've just got adopted by the very known, famous and rich x factor judge Simon Cowell. 


This could't possibly happen, not to me. I was always the girl, who never even got a glance from the adults, who came to find a child. I felt happiness take over my body. A smile filled my whole face, from the left side to the right. 


''Do you dear wanna leave now, or when ?'' Simon said smiling down to me. That sentence was like music in my ears. A sign for me to know, that this was actually happening. To answer his question, I would love to just leave this sh*t now. Sorry for my bad words, but for once I'm not taking them back. 


''Sure ! I mean, I'll just get my things.'' I said and rushed out of the office. I ran as fast, as I could into the canteen, where Nick still was. 


''Nick !! You won't believe this !'' I cried out smiling my greatest smile ever. I sat down in from of him, while waiting for a sign to move on. 


''What is it ?'' He said leaning him self up on the table. 


''Look I came up to one of the employee's office, and then Simon filled some papers, and guess what !? He's adopting me !!!!'' I cried out, and everyone turned their heads towards me, like I was a weird weirdo, but I didn't care. 


''That's awesome !! When are you leaving ?'' He said with a smile printed on his face. 


''I'll just gonna get my things, and then we're leaving !'' I said and nearly jumped up and down in my seat on the chair. When I finished my sentence, I saw a frown on his face, why ? Don't ask me, cause I really didn't know. 


''Umm something wrong ?'' I asked while trying to make eye contact with him, but his eyes where hard to find. Something was definitely wrong, but what ? I really wanted to find out, but it was very hard. 


''Nahh.. It's just that, we've finally been more together just us two, and then you're moving.'' He said focusing on the empty plate in front of him. 


''Just us two....'' Replayed in my head again and again. Where were he going with ''Us two'' ? It isn't any secret, that I'm not in love with him. He's only a friend to me, not any less or more. But if he had feelings for me, then it would make it harder to get rid of my thoughts. What if I told him, that I don't like him in ''that'' way ? Would he be normal, or being hurt ? 


''Nick I don't know how to say this nice....... But I don't like you in 'that' way.... You're an o.k friend, but not in that way, I'm sorry. I would just tell you, so you don't get things wrong.'' I said and sent him a politely smile, in hope to tear him up, cause he's face turned red, and he looked disappointed. 


''Ohh.... I thought that me maybe co-..'' He stopped mid sentence, and looked up at me. He were having an odd expression on his face, he looked like, he was going to do something crazy ! 


Then I saw him leaning out on the table, leaning over to me, just inches away from my faces. 


''What are you do-'' I got interrupted, when Nick placed his soft lips on mine. I were in such a big chock, that I couldn't move my body. It was like that moment were frozen. I knew Nick liked me, but not in that way. 


I tried carefully to push him off of me, but it didn't work that much. I weren't even kissing him, he were kissing me. 


''Nick..... Stop !'' I mumered in his lips, and he finally got rid of me, and I could breathe. I were having a heavy breath, and I felt uncomfortable. That scene, that just happened in front of me, were something I've never wanted or have a clue about would happen. 


''I'm so sorry Alyssa, I don't know, what happened to me that moment. I couldn't control my self or my feelings for you. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have done that.... Forgive me ?'' He said and looked quite shy at me, with shiny eyes of hope. 


''I'll forgive you, as long, as you'll never do something like that again.'' I said and tried to make some fun of the sad situation full of that moment. When he placed his lips on mine, I was so confused, I didn't even know why he did it for sure. Now I know, and I hope he accepts my feelings, cause I don't like him that way. 


I couldn't even imagine how it would be, to be in love with someone, who doesn't feel the same. That would be terribly, I never wanted to feel that way. That's why I didn't get that mad at Nick for kissing me. Actually it was my first kiss, if you could call that a kiss, but it was without my will, so I'm not quite sure yet. 


''Thank you.....'' He said, but it was nearly a whisper. 


''I gotta go and pack my stuff. If you want to, you could help me ?'' I asked while standing up from the chair. He nodded slowly, and followed me down the hall to the sleeping room. 


The way to the sleeping room was really awkward. I didn't say anything neither did Nick. So it was like awkward silence. Great. 








When we were done packing my stuff, he helped me getting my things down to the vestibule. He also got a conversation with Simon, and got a picture, and an autograft of him. It were quite weird, but if he wanted an autograph and a picture, I wouldn't stop him. 


''Bye !!'' I said in Nick's shoulder, when we hugged goodbye. He were being quite friendly, but he also were a little down. I think it was because of my rejection on him for some moments ago. 


''I'm gonna miss you.'' He nearly whispered in my hair, while he tightened his arms around me. Once again I felt a little uncomfortable, but I didn't show it. It would only hurt his feelings. 


''Umm me too.'' I said not quite sure, if I meant the words. But for his sake, I didn't take em' back. 


''See ya' maybe in the future !'' I said while getting rid of his grab on me, while following out the orphanage with Simon...  


Now I'm only going forward, not going back again. Not going to cry over Cherrie, or anything else. I've finally got adopted, and by Simon Cowell ! It was really sick. Just the thought of being adopted, got me thinking, that I would never going to. But look at me now, adopted and by the rich, famous and very known Simon Cowell. 


New life new everything. New family, new home, new friends, going to school. All these things, that I could get, got me smiling all over my face. All the things I didn't have. I did have friends, or no I were having one, that was Cherrie. I know Nick was there too, but not like a best friend like Cherrie. 



Hello ! 

Finally done with this chapter ! 

I really hope u liked it, and if so, like, fav and comment ! <3 

​In next chapter, we're getting more and more in the real history ! :D


-1D.Specials <3


PS : If you were wondering about how Nick looked like, then here I've got a pic of him. :)






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