Life is Hard

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Alyssa live's in an orphanage, her parents died in an car accident for many years ago, when Alyssa was 1 year old. She was found in her home by a caretaker, and was brought to the orphanage. Now she's 14 years old, and she's only waiting to be adopted by someone. Will she ever be adopted and get a normal life, that she never had ? Read and find out, and read the movella like a fairytale, or is it ? <3


4. Chapter 3.


Alyssa's POV


''Let me ...'' I said, and grabbed her little teddy bear she got for years ago. I were helping packing her things, just for me to be friendly. Cause it felt like, I were helping her moving away from me. I didn't like that thought, I really didn't. 


''It's kind of you helping me, you know, in this situation...'' She said quiet and looked down on the old wooden floor. I could feel the negative emotion between us, and it felt terrible. 


''It's the least I can do for my best friend.'' I said smiling at her, in hope to make the air full of positive things, and trying not to be negative about this whole thing. 


''What should I do without you ?'' She said and walked over to me. When she stood in front of me, she wrapped her arms tightly around me in a hug. I did the same and felt comfortable, and loved by someone who actually liked me. 


''I love you ! You know that, don't you ?'' she said in my hair, while pressing her head down in my shoulder and hugged tighter. 


''Yeah I know, and I love you too !'' I said and smiled for myself. She were my everything, if she wasn't here, then I would have been so lonely, cause no one else liked me as a friend. Yeah I know Nick was here, but I felt uncomfortable, whenever he was around me. Maybe I should give him a chance ?


''Aren't you exited ?!'' I said and changed the mood. I could see how her face lightened up, when I ended my sentence. 


''I am ! I think it's crazy ! I didn't expect to get a new family !'' She cried out jumping up and down in front of me, while she smiled so bright. I loved that look on her, that I could see her happiness. If she was happy, then I were. Even if I'll never see her again, I'm happy for her. 


''Yeah It's crazy, and you're so lucky ! I'm so happy for you, cause you deserve it.'' I said and gave her a warm smile. I'm just going to be positive about this, don't be negative. I shall just be happy for her, and don't be selfish and think about me. But I can't get it out off my head, that she is leaving me. I don't want to think about that, not now. 


''Thank you.'' She said and smiled back, while she held her head to her left side. 


''Cherrie Smith to the vestibule now thanks, your'e new parents are waiting.'' An employee called out in the speakers. When she finished her sentence, I felt terrible. Cause I knew it was time, for her to leave and start a brand new life, with new parents. I wish the same would've happened to me. 


''It's time...... I really love you, and maybe one day we'll meet again !'' She said looking at me with her brown shiny eyes. Maybe we'll meet, but one thing I knew was, I would never forget her. Never. 


''I love you too, and I'm going to miss you terribly !'' I said and sighed. But I was honest, when I said the words. I am going to miss her so bad, that no one would ever know. Cause just right now I feel terrible about her leaving, think how I would feel when she's totally gone. 


''Gonna miss you too..... But I gotta go, they're waiting for me.'' She said and looked down at her tiptoes. 


''Yeah I know..... Hope we'll see each other in the future...'' I said, and thought about if we weren't going to see each other again. That would be awful. 


''Bye Aly..... I'll never forget you.'' She said and looked up from her toes, and wrapped her arms around me, so tight I nearly couldn't breath. But this hug may be the last, so there were more feelings in it. Not like a normal hug, this was a special one. I could feel that, deep down in my heart. 


''Bye...'' I wispered, when she took her arms away. She then took her bags in her hands, and smiled one last time before she turned her back to me and walked to her new future, with a lovely family, a mom and dad, maybe some sisters or brothers. 


When the moments pas me, I feel completley empty. So alone. I've only felt that feeling one time  before, and that was a terrible experience. That may come again, maybe worse. I couldn't tell yet. 


I felt some heavy tears rolling down my cheeks. They were feeling warm and unwelcome. I didn't want them here, I didn't want to look weak. But she was my only real friend, we've been all together, almost. But she felt like my sister, the only one who really understood me. 


I wiped my warm and heavy tears away with my hand, and looked up from my lap. I've been in my bed the last 2 hours. The time just passed by me, like I was on stop motion, when the world just speeded up. 


I knew she hasn't been away that long, but one hour felt like months passing by. Somehow I knew this day would've come. I just didn't want to admit it. 


''Everyone dinner is ready in five minutes. Please go to the cafeteria.'' An employee called out in the speakers. I ignored her totally and stayed in my bed. I wasn't really hungry, not now, or today. I just wanted to stay here all alone by my self. 


''Aren't you coming to the cafeteria and get some dinner ?'' I heard a familiar voice said next to me. I looked to my left side, and then looked up at Nick. I think I've just forgot he lives here, then here he is. 


''No I'm not hungry, but thanks.'' I said and looked out at the window just beside my bed in the corner. It was raining, not surprising at all. We were in november, so it's raining completely here the most of the days. 


''Are you sure ? I could get you something, if you want some.'' He offered friendly, that wasn't him. He couldn't be affording me food, when he never act like that. He never did, so why has he changed just know ?


''No thanks, I'll just stay here.'' I said and kept my eyes on the window. Then he hopefully would go and leave me alone, that's what I want right now. Just be here by my self... 


''Okay...... I've heard Cherrie has been adopted.'' He said, and I could fell the bed sink a bit on the left side. I could figure out, that he has sat down on my beds side. I didn't expect him to stay here. Maybe that was really, what I've needed ? Or not.


''Yeah......'' I sighed and my eyes shot close to hold my tears in. I didn't want to cry in front of Nick. I didn't want to cry at all, but I couldn't control that by my self. My body were taking all over me and my emotions. 


''You two were quite close, right ?'' He said, making it harder and harder for me, to get those tears in and don't let em out. His words were making me more and more weak about Cherrie. Just these hours without her, were making me cry. I couldn't imagine how my future life would look like. Me crying everyday over Cherrie or actually making new friends and survive ? I would chose number two, but it's harder than it looked like. 


''Sorry. I'll stop now.'' He said, when I didn't answer him and lets one or two tears out. The tears were stronger than me, my eyelids couldn't hold them anymore. Too heavy. 


''I think you need some sleep babe. Let me help you...'' He said, while he left the bed and stood up. I nodded quietly, while lifting my body from the hard bed. 


I watched, as he took the quilt away, as a sign for me to lay down. When I was in the hard bed once again, he slowly put the quilt over my body. He were very friendly right now, I liked that. I liked this Nick more than the perverted Nick. 


''Hope you'll sleep well.'' He said while smiling down at me, not an perverted smile or a smirk, but actually a normal carrying smile. A smile I really like. I smiled quietly back, before I came with a ''Thanks.'' 


''Goodnight.'' Was the last word I heard, before I closed my eyes. I then fell asleep with a million thoughts about this day, the future and worries. 



Hello everyone ! 

I hope u liked this Chapter :) 

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