Life is Hard

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Alyssa live's in an orphanage, her parents died in an car accident for many years ago, when Alyssa was 1 year old. She was found in her home by a caretaker, and was brought to the orphanage. Now she's 14 years old, and she's only waiting to be adopted by someone. Will she ever be adopted and get a normal life, that she never had ? Read and find out, and read the movella like a fairytale, or is it ? <3


3. Chapter 2.


Alyssa's POV


''Wake up, wake up, wake up !!!!'' I heard a familiar voice scream in my face, Cherrie. And she was jumping on my bed. I love good mornings ! Did you hear my sarcastic thought ? Cause I really didn't like mornings like these. Cherrie jumping on my hard mattress of a bed. Great start of the day........ 


''Okay, okay ! I'm awake now ! Thanks of you Cherrie.'' I said and sat up on the bed and stretched my body as big as I could and yawned very loud. 


''Aren't you just a little exited for today ?'' Cherrie asked stepping down form my bed. 


''Nope, I never was, and never going to be.'' I said and stepped out from my bed, and grabbed a pair of jeans and a crop top. 


''Oh come on ! It's a big day today !'' she said and jumped up and down on the tree floor. 


''No it's just a normal day like the other days, this day isn't any far away from the others. Yeah there's a small chance to be adopted, but why this time, if we never were the other times ?'' I said and pulled the black jeans up my thighs. 


''Don't act like that ! Be positive and maybe you'll be adopted ?! Just give it a chance, and lets see what happens.'' She said and gave my shoulder a little pouf. 


''Goodmorning girls !'' Let me guess, it's Nick..... 


''What do you want !?'' I sighed and rolled my eyes at him. He's just so annoying ! He would never leave me or us alone.... 


''Hey Aly ! Stop that.... He's just being friendly.'' Cherrie said a gave me a pouf with her elbow on my arm. That hurt actually, more than it looked like. 


''Ouch !! What did you that for ?'' I cried out while rubbing my arm. 


''Oh come on !... I didn't hit you that hard...'' she said while rolling her eyes at me, if I was weird.


''Why are you defending him ?'' I said and looked at Cherrie to Nick, and back to Cherrie. She wasn't saying anything, and I know exactly why ..... 


''Please don't tell me you're in love with this creep .....'' I said while crossing my arms over my breast. 


''Shhhhhh !!! Be quiet !'' She cried out while holding her hand on my mouth. 


''Mhhhhh  Mhhhhh'' I mufered into her hand, while trying to get her hand off my mouth. She didn't take her hand away, so i licked it. I know gross, but it worked every time !


''Ewww ! That was so gross !!!'' She cried out, while she dried her hand ind her light blue ripped jeans. 


Me and Nick both started giggling, and burst out laughing. 


''Yeah soooooo funny.....'' She said crossed her arms. 


''Everyone listen carefully !'' The old lady worker cried out in the sleeping room. Everyone got their attention on the old lady. 


''We've already got some industrious adults, who are searching for one or more to adopt, so get ready and get down to the vestibule. There are you going to get in lines, and the adults is going to chose. Start !'' She cried out, and everyone got busy and so loud. One by one they were hushing out of the sleeping room and down the hall to the vestibule. 


''Yay ! It's time come on !'' Cherrie said and took my hand, while dragging me with her. 


''Okay okay !....'' I said, while trying to get my balance. 


When we got in the vestibule, there were a not many but some adults. I think there were nearly 10-13 adults, maybe more or less, I don't care.... 


''Lines everybody !'' The old lady cried at us, she was so loud ! I've nearly hurt my ears, they're dunking so bad. But everyone followed her words. We stood in a girl line and a boy line, were every girl was like, ''Omg maybe I'll be adopted !''. I think I was the only one, who wasn't exited. 


I saw some adults were on their way to the girls, like the most of them does every time, why ? I don't know. 


There were a middle-aged couple, who looked like they were in the last of the thirties. They were on their way over to the old girls, and that was something I didn't expect to happen. That they were just walking over to us, that surprised me. 


Everyone got quiet, and looked carefully at the couple. I think they were just as surprised as me. I mean no one did before only sometimes, and that sometimes were coming today. 


They were walking slowly past some of us, when they stopped just right in front of me and Cherrie. I think I've heard Cherrie swallow a lump in nervousness, and I think I've just did the same. 


What if Cherrie was right, what if I'm going to be adopted today ? That would make this day, to the best in my whole life ! 


One of the employees were waved down to the couple, like they've made a decision. Now I've got more nerves. What if they pic me ? My heart began to go faster and faster, while the time small moments pas. 


''If think it's going to be her !'' the man said smiling at the employee. He were pointing at Cherrie... 


No wait, they can't take her away from me. I can't survive in here without her, she make this place so much better than it was. 


''Then lets fill the paper work in the office.'' The employee said, while smiling at the couple. 


I could see in the corner of my right eye, that cherrie were smiling all over her beautiful face, and her eyes were so big and shined of happiness. I can't believe, she's being adopted. What should i do without her ? Lay down and die ? Good idea ! 


''Cherrie would you like to join us ? Or you can go pack your things, and say goodbye to your friends.'' The employee said and smiled at Cherrie. 


Cherrie's beautuful smile faded slowly, and looked at me, when she hear the employee's words. I just think, she now really got in her head, what the consequences is. Like losing my best and only friend, that's a consequence of her leaving me.


''I'm just packing my things and that, just go I'll come.'' Cherrie said and smiled a fake smile at them. 


And then the couple were leaving with the employee to the office down the hall. It's actually really hard to get in my head, what just happened. This wasn't supposed to happen, not her being adopted, and me staying. I hoped it could be like the other adoption days, were none of me and Cherrie got adopted, then we were still having each other, and no one would leave. 


''I don't know what to say.'' Cherrie said turning to me, with an worried expression. 


''You don't have to say anything.... Lets ... Just get your things and enjoy our last minutes together.'' I said, and tried to keep my watering eyes dry and don't cry. I won't cry, when I've only got minutes, before Cherrie would leave me with her new family. 



This was the second chapter ! Hope u liked it ! :D 

I'll be updating tuesday or wednesday, I haven't decided yet. :P

But I hope u like the little story so far, and it's getting better and better I promise ! ;*

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