Life is Hard

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Alyssa live's in an orphanage, her parents died in an car accident for many years ago, when Alyssa was 1 year old. She was found in her home by a caretaker, and was brought to the orphanage. Now she's 14 years old, and she's only waiting to be adopted by someone. Will she ever be adopted and get a normal life, that she never had ? Read and find out, and read the movella like a fairytale, or is it ? <3


2. Chapter 1.


Alyssa's POV


''I can't wait until tomorrow !'' Cherrie screamed in my face. I can explain why.... 


Tomorrow there would be adoption day, when some lucky children would be adopted and get a family. We were 58 children in this orphanage, and that means, I was never ever going to be adopted, because the chance was to small. And no one wanted to adopt a girl, who was nearly 15 years old just like me. 


They were always adopting the smallest, because they were so cute. But they didn't even think about us teenage orphanage children. But at least when I would be turning 18, I could leave this prison. So I could wait ..... I think ? 


Just that thought maked me happy, to leave this.... this.... I don't know. But when I'm going to move out, get a job if that's impossible for at girl, who never went to school. Yeah I never went to school. The orphanage couldn't pay for it, so here I am, the stupid, old, (not cute) and invisible girl. 


The best thing about living here, was that I've meet Cherrie in here. Her parents leaved her and moved across the world. I know it sounds crazy, but Cherry told me her self. And she said, she was about 8 years. And her father was from Syrian, so he left to get to the war, and he bought his wife with him. Yeah I know what you think, he was a crazy dude, but you're right ! 


I've always thought and told Cherrie, that we're standing together, and that her father was an idiot for leaving with his wife, and let her stand alone. So when I was about 9, Cherrie came here. We were just like twins ( on the inside ), because on the outside, we didn't look like each other. 


She had nearly black hair and deep brown chocolate eyes, with very cute freckles on her cheeks. She was just like the sun, so shiny. And I loved her to the moon and back. No one would take her away from me, if that would've happened, I don't know, what I would do ? 


''Yeah.....'' I sighed and looked down on my fingers playing with one another. I didn't really like adoption days, they're just so annoying... Because I can't bare to see all these children, who are probably going to be adopted and get a family, when yourself isn't. These days was my official crying day, when I sat on my little tiny bed, where I was graving my own grave In my knees. That day wasn't amazing, incredible, or funny at all..... 


''Why so down ?'' Cherrie asked with a confused expression on her beautiful face. She knows me too well ! Sometimes I hate that a lot.... 


''Nothing..... I'm just not excited about tomorrow. You know I hate these days.'' I said and waved with my hand in the air to make a point. I really didn't want to be here tomorrow, because of all the laughing, happy, screaming of joy children. It's just not right or fair, that they are being adopted, when us teenagers we aren't being adopted. Just because of our age, so much bullshit... 


''I know what you're thinking ! But what if this time we're lucky ?'' Cherrie bursted out very fast, that her mouth nearly couldn't speak. I thought for a second, what if she's right ? Maybe we are lucky tomorrow ! Okay I hope, I don't get too high expectations. 


''So tear up Aly.... Everything is going to be fine !'' Cherrie said and rubbed her thumb on my backhand. She was always so careful, and she could always get my smile back on track. 


''I hope you're right.'' I said and sighed very deep and loud. I know there would be a small chance for tomorrow, but its never happened before, then why this time ? It wouldn't make any sense at all. 


''Everyone go to sleep, it's a big day tomorrow !'' one of the old lady workers screamed out in the very big sleeping room. In the sleeping room, there were over 20 beds in the hole room, in corners, in the middle and everywhere. My bed wasn't beside Cherrie's bed, her bed was on the left side ind the middle, when mine was in one of the four corners.


There was a boy named Nick, who slept beside me. He were always so annoying, like he looked at me in my sleep, and if you ask me, I think that's creepy ! But in personality he's ok, like not too good or too bad, so in the middle.... kind of. 


He were also trying to communicate with me, even if i ignored him totally. He were always there, where ever I was. Okay not everywhere, but it felt like it. 


''Goodnight Aly see ya tomorrow !'' Cherrie said while lifting her body from my tiny bed. 


''Goonight.'' I looked at her one last time, before she turned away from me, on her way to her bed. 


I sighed for myself, before I took my sweatshirt over my head, so I've got a top and shorts on. That's what I slept in every single night. I never wanted to sleep in underwear, that would be awkward, and by the way Nick were looking at me, so nope not underwear. 


I took slowly the quilt away from the sheets, and put my weak body on the hard mattress. The quilt went over my frozen body, and I closed weakly my tired eyes. 


''Sweet dreams baby...'' I heard someone say not far away from me. I knew exactly who it was.... Nick. And I hated that he called me ''baby'', because I'm not he's baby ! He didn't even know me well, he only liked what he saw. And if that's what 17 year old boys like, I've really mistaken about my view of boys. 


''Ohh shut up Nick ! I'm very tired so leave me alone !'' I grumbled on turned my back to him. I didn't want to deal with him right now, not this evening. 


''Come on ..... Can't I be a little friendly to you, and you be to me ? You never were friendly to me, so why don't try ?'' He asked silly, and he knew he was, and sounded like it. 


''Just shut up please !..... You know why I'm not being friendly to you, and it's a very good excuse.'' I said and once again closed my eyes, by hoping he wouldn't give an extra comment. 


I was very surprised, when he didn't add an extra comment, like he always does. But thankfully he stayed quiet, and I could get some sleep. Hopefully ......



Hope you like the first real chapter ! :D 

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