One direction imagines på engelsk!

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'Masser af imagines på engelsk!'.
Håber i kan lige dem'.-Nasteho1D


13. Igen en med Alle!



“The party’s not over yet!” your voice carries through the quiet, empty house.  “Baby, the party has been over for an hour now.”  You laugh uncontrollably and toss yourself onto the armchair, narrowly avoiding a crash to the floor when you nearly slip off the chair.  Louis gets you a cup of water and hands it to you carefully.  You take a sloppy sip of it before flailing your arms wide open.  “I love this stuff!” you exclaim happily, sloshing most of the liquid out of your cup and onto the floor.  “Whoa, watch it there,” Louis warns you with a laugh, taking the cup out of your hand.  Your eyes land on the newly formed puddle.  “Oh my God, Lou, look!  Now we have an indoor swimming pool!”  Louis belly laughs at this.  “That’s my girl!  Always looking to the positive side of things.”  He grabs a few paper towels to mop up your mess.  You reach over and pat him on the head, “Good boyfriend,” you say sleepily as the affects of the alcohol quickly start to pull you down from your giddy state.



“I’m never drinking again,” you moan.  “Yeah, I’ve heard that one before,” Liam points out good-naturedly as he traces miscellaneous shapes on your arm with his finger.  “I mean it this time.  I’m done.  I’m gonna start taking lessons from you and stay away from the stuff.”  He chuckles at this.  “Uhhhhh,” you groan leaning over the edge of the bed to the wastebasket that Liam has put there for you.  “I don’t think you have anything left in your system at this point.  You’ve been at this for quite a while now,” Liam observes.  “Tell that to my stomach.  It seems to think otherwise.”  “Here, drink some more water; it’ll help.”  You reach out and take the water bottle being offered to you and Liam swipes some hair out of your face before leaning over to kiss your face gently.  “You’re gonna have a killer hangover tomorrow,” he whispers in your ear playfully.


NIALL:  “Come on, baby, you need to get out of that outfit and into your pajamas,”  Niall calls to you from the bedroom where he is looking for clothes for you to sleep in.  You stumble your way into the bedroom, taking the clothes from Niall as you pass by him.  You yank off your shirt, and exchange it for the one Niall had pulled out for you, backwards at first, but then you fix yourself.  You pull your high heels and skinny jeans off next.  You clumsily step into the shorts provided for you and manage to pull them up to your knees before face planting onto the bed.  “Uh, [Y/N], you didn’t quite finish there, babe.”  Whatever incoherent sentence you mutter is muffled by the blankets on the bed.  Niall sighs and approaches you, kindly pulling your shorts the rest of the way up your legs and positioning you more fully onto the bed, tucking you in for the night.



You hear a light knock on the door.  “Babe, are you ok in there?  You’ve been in there for almost fifteen minutes.”  “I can’t find it!” you shout through the wooden bathroom door.  “Can’t find what?  Unlock the door and I can help you look for it.”  “Harry, I really think I lost it!  I might have flushed it down the toilet!”  “What are you talking about?”  You open the bathroom door to reveal the hot mess you have become.  You are standing with your tights still on one foot, the other leg of which are being held up in your hand, as you frantically look around the floor for the missing object.  “Harry, I think I flushed my skirt down the toilet!  I can’t find it anywhere!”  “Um, [Y/N], it’s right here, babe,” Harry says as he reaches forward and shimmies your skirt from around your waist back down to around your hips and thighs where it belongs.  “Oh my God, how did it get up there?  I could have sworn I pulled it down…”  “Yeah, we really should get you to bed.”  With that, Harry scoops you up and carries you to the bedroom.



  You and the boys had been having a good time in the hotel room you were staying in while on vacation.  You’ve had a little too much fun and have quickly become intoxicated.  “Let’s get you outside for a little fresh air, yeah?” Zayn asks you, taking your drink out of your hand and pulling you to your feet.  You stumble the first few strides, but then manage to gain a decent amount of balance.  Zayn heads for the elevator, but you have a different plan in mind as you make your way for the stairs.  “Ohhhh no you don’t!” Zayn says trying to stop you.  You insist on taking the stairs, convinced that you can manage them, and Zayn eventually gives in.  You make it down the four flights of stairs in one piece, and after sitting outside for a while decide you want to prove your skills once more and make it back up the stairs in one piece.  Upon reentering the room, you proudly announce, “Guys!  I totally just went down all the stairs and back up all the stairs perfectly!  And in four inch heels!!”  “No, you didn’t!” Zayn quickly butts in.  “I had to catch you from falling at least three times each way.”  You try to deny this accusation, but no one is hearing a word you’re saying as they’re all too busy laughing.



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