One direction imagines på engelsk!

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'Masser af imagines på engelsk!'.
Håber i kan lige dem'.-Nasteho1D


21. En Med Alle''.-




What you hear in your heart is universal.
You've got to shout it out.
It's what life's all about.


-'Shout It Out'-


-Candelaria Molfese.


''He Visits You at College''.-


Harry: "So… what do you think?" You ask curiously as he walks into your tiny dorm room. "It’s so… cozy." He chuckled looking around at all the girly stuff you and your roommate had decorated with. "It seems really cramped but it’s not that bad." You shrug. "Oh trust me, this is a walk in the park compared to the room the lads and I shared at the X-Factor house." He wrapped his arms around your waist. You wrinkled your nose, "Sounds smelly." He kissed you softly as he nodded in agreement. Suddenly the door burst open, you forgot your roommate was coming back from class. She stood there in sweats with a coffee in hand, she looked exhausted. "Oh god sorry Y/N!" She cried, "Should I leave?" You shook your head, "No it’s fine, I’m gonna take Harry around campus anyway." As you two left the room he asked, "Is that how you look after class?" You giggled, "I look waaay worse." He took your hand in his, "I bet you look beautiful as always."



Louis: "Are you sure I should be wearing a collared shirt to a tailgate?" Louis asked as you checked your sundress in the mirror, "This isn’t like what you see in the movies." "Lou, you’re in the South now. This is how we do it down here." You told him and made your way to where you were meeting your sorority sisters. Everyone was dressed just like what you put Louis in, collared shirts, Chubbies shorts, and Ray Bans. Though he was dressed in the standard uniform, he stuck out like a sore thumb; he has a very British look about him… and his accent was a dead give away. But he still managed to charm all your sorority sisters and make them swoon, all of their frat boyfriends got very jealous. He made sure to make it very clear that he was yours, so he had his arm around your waist the whole afternoon, except when he was challenged to Corn Hole and epically failed.



Niall: You go to a small liberal arts school and you were so excited for Niall to come see your second home. You sat under a tree in the quad waiting for him to come meet you, you were scribbling down ideas in your notebook. That thing came with you almost everywhere, inspiration could strike at anytime. “Hello my Little Writer.” An Irish brogue said. Your eyes light up and you threw your notebook aside to jump up and hug him, “I missed you so much!” He rubbed your back and kissed your head, “I missed you more. You look so beautiful sitting under this tree.” You blushed, “This is my writing tree; it’s where I find my inspiration.” “Well how about we abandon the writing tree and I take you off campus to get dinner?” He suggested draping his arm over your shoulder. You nodded happily, “Sounds wonderful.”



Liam: You were waiting in the grand living room of your sorority house for Liam to come knock on the door. All of your sisters were buzzing over the fact that your hottie boyfriend was finally coming to visit. They even made a banner for him and hung it in the foyer, it said “Delta Gamma <3’s Liam”. The door bell rang and you ran to the front door faster than you’ve ever run before, you swung it open, and jumped into his arms, “BABE!” “Hello Darling!” He kissed you softly and smiled. “Come in, welcome to the house!” You squeaked excitedly, you were so excited for him to meet your Greek Family. When you turned to walk in, you saw what seemed like your whole chapter standing in the foyer. “Hello ladies.” Liam chuckled nervously. They all let out squeals and you just smiled, you loved your boyfriend and your sisters so much.




Zayn: "Wow, this is incredible…" Your boyfriend Zayn examined your latest sculpture in awe. "Really? I’m not much of a sculptor, it’s just for one of my credits." You weren’t at a traditional college, you were in art school and Zayn was visiting you. You two stood in the empty studio, you were showing him some of your work. "Look, a blank canvas!" He ran across the studio with excitement. "Yeah, it’s just for some of my free painting." You said. He sat on one of the stools, posed, and said, "Paint me like one of your French girls." You giggle and agree getting your supplies ready. After about an hour of painting and giggling at him, you could say you were finished. "Let me look!" He walked behind you and went silent. "What? Is it bad?" You asked. He wrapped his arms around your waist, "No… it’s incredible, you’re incredible."





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