One direction imagines på engelsk!

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  • Publiceret: 20 sep. 2014
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'Masser af imagines på engelsk!'.
Håber i kan lige dem'.-Nasteho1D


17. En med alle!'!


Hvad er det for en følelse der vokser i mig.

Kunne det være muligt at kærligheden blev sat fri.

Det er bare sådan at jeg ved med mit hjerte at det er virkeligt.


-Mercedes Lambre.




He making a dirty comment about you around the other boys.. One Direction

Harry: “Babe, Guess what!” You hear Harry scream to you, as the other boys are walking slowly behind him. “What?” You ask. “I got us some free time so we can have some time alone.. and you know..have some fun.” he tries to whisper, but horribly fails. “woah Haz, a little too loud bro.” Liam says, walking by. He blushes and giggles. “Whoops..” Harry laughs. Your cheeks turn bright pink.

Liam: You are with the other boys in the kitchen. Niall’s at the table eating with Louis and Zayn, Harry’s in the fridge and you and Liam are doing dishes. You were wearing a pretty low cut shirt. You quickly bend down to grab the plastic cup you dropped and Liam can’t help but notice your cleavage. “When did you get that shirt? It makes your boobs look nice.” he smiles. Everyone around giggles and nods in agreement as you leave to change your shirt.


Louis: It’s a lazy day for you and the boys. You’re all just sitting around in yo and Lou’s flat. You were wearing Louis striped top and his tight sweatpants. The boys are sitting on the couch, and your heading to the kitchen on the other side of them. As you walk by, Louis squeezes your bum. “Lou!” you screech. “I’m sorry, i couldn’t help it. your bum looks so fitted and big in my sweats!” he replies. You roll your eyes as you walk by all of the boys laughing and giggling.


Niall: You and all the boys were sitting around watching T.v. You were wearing a low cut shirt and it’s pretty tight around your waist, turning Niall on. You quickly get up to go to the bathroom, when you can easily hear Niall talking to the boys. “Imma get me some of that tonight.” he laughs as all the boys join in and giggle. You turn around, your mouth open. “Niall!” You screech, walking out the door heading to the bathroom.


Zayn: You were with all the boys back at the hotel. All of the seats were taken, so you just walk over and sit on Zayn’s lap. About 7 minutes later, you can feel.. well.. Zayn’s mijigy. “Looks like you got a friend there, mate.” Niall laughs, as he’s sitting right beside Zayn. “Yeah, she has a nice bum and when it’s pressed against there, I just get happy!” he laughs. You turn to him with your jaw dropped as you get up and walk away, everyone around laughing and Zayn covering himself up.




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