One direction imagines på engelsk!

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  • Publiceret: 20 sep. 2014
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'Masser af imagines på engelsk!'.
Håber i kan lige dem'.-Nasteho1D


12. En med Alle!


You spend a day at the beach




You and the boys have been running around all day, playing beach volleyball and tossing around Frisbees and footballs.  You’ve all been splashing around in the waves, Louis attempting to “drown” Zayn at one point.  It reaches a point where Louis is just drained of all energy and retires to his towel to take a nap.  Harry wastes no time, and as soon as Louis is asleep, runs over to you with a couple of plastic shovels and buckets, shoving them at you.  “Come on, let’s bury him before he wakes up!”  You laugh.  “Harry, no, we can’t,” you say, trying to defend your boyfriend, but it’s too little too late as Harry has already made his way back to Louis and is dumping the first bucketful of sand on him.  You sigh, giving in, and zigzag your way around other beachgoers until you reach Harry and Louis.  You begin helping Harry and before you know it, Louis is nothing but a head sticking out of a mound of sand.  “Nahh, it’s not enough,” Harry examines, standing back to admire his work with his arms folded across his chest.  “If we put any more sand on top of him, we’ll crush his lungs,” you point out.  “No, no, the amount is fine.  But he needs some mammories,” Harry explains, using his favorite term for “boobs.”  You laugh and watch as Harry carves out a large, well-rounded chest on Louis.  “I saw this on an episode of Friends.” he states proudly as he adds the finishing touches to his project.  When Louis wakes up, he’s panicked for a moment when he can’t move, but quickly learns the reason why.  After laying eyes on the womanly figure he’d been given, he yells out, “Styles, you’re a dead man!” and fights his way out from under the sand to make a running start towards his best friend.  You just stand back and laugh, watching it all unfold.



You’ve had the best day you could’ve imagined with Liam and the boys at the beach.  As the later afternoon hours begin to approach, most other groups of people are heading out for the day, but the guys are reluctant to leave just yet.  You and Liam take advantage of the clearing beach and go for a walk along the shore.  You stroll hand-in-hand, quietly enjoying each other’s company as the sun slowly begins to dip down in the sky.  As you reach the walkout, Liam guides you towards it and you walk to the end of the rocky path.  You sit down, his arm wrapped around you and your head resting on his shoulder.  Together, you watch the sunset - the perfect ending to a perfect day.



You’d been at the beach for nearly two hours and Zayn hadn’t even walked down the the water’s edge yet.  “Come on, don’t be such a baby.  You swim in pools all the time and you’ve been out on boats before.  You can’t be that afraid of water.”  Your hands are on your hips and your patience is wearing out.  “This is different!  I could get sucked out to sea here!”  You go behind him and attempt to push him towards the water, to no avail as he is so much stronger than you.  You give up temporarily, but continue to pester him about it throughout the day until you’ve finally managed to convince him to get his feet wet.  Gradually you coax him further and further until he’s made it waist-deep.  This is his breaking point though.  As an oncoming wave threatens to knock him off his balance, he’s grabbing for you as if his life depends on it; and perhaps it does.  Once the wave passes and he’s calmer again, you wrap your arms around his waist and pull him close.  “See, it’s not completely terrible out here.”  He rolls his eyes as you.  “Define ‘terrible.’ “  You laugh and he plants a loving kiss on your head.



You’ve been left alone for nearly a half an hour while Niall is off getting a snack.  You’re beginning to wonder if the boy had gotten lost when you see his blonde head bobbing among the sea of people on the beach.  As he approaches you, you see he has ice cream, a hot dog, Italian ice, lemonade, and other little odds and ends snacks in his arms.  “Are you planning on getting lost at sea or something?” you ask once he’s within hearing distance of you.  “No, why do you ask?”  He furrows his brow in confusion.  “Oh, no reason…  So what’d you bring me?”  His look is almost one of distress, “You wanted something too?”  You laugh out loud and snag the hot dog out of his pile of goodies.  “You are something else, Niall Horan,” you say affectionately.  Your words are lost on him though, as he’s far too distracted by a seagull that is hovering too close for Niall’s comfort.  “Back off, bird,” he warns, shooting the animal the evil eye.



“Could you put some sunblock on my back please?” you ask, handing the bottle over to Harry.  He positions himself behind you and begins lathering the oily substance all over your back.  “I wanna try that!” he exclaims excitedly, peering over your shoulder at something off in the distance.  You follow his gaze until your sights land on the banana boats.  “Ohhhh no.  Not happening.”  “Come on, babe.  It looks like so much fun!”  “No it doesn’t!  It looks like a way to humiliate myself in front of hundreds of people.”  “And when are you ever going to see any of these people again in your life?” he points out.  “You’d be surprised.  It’s a small world.”  He shakes his head at you, not having any of your opposition.  You heave a heavy sigh.  “Alright, fine!  But you owe me, big time.”  He winks at you, “Don’t you worry about that, baby.  You won’t be disappointed.”  You laugh as he yanks you to your feet and heads towards the boats.  His excitement and eagerness is catching and you quickly find yourself looking forward to this new experience.

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