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'Masser af imagines på engelsk!'.
Håber i kan lige dem'.-Nasteho1D


23. En Med Alle ''igen!''!



Your Child Gets a Piercing''.-


Harry: You both always thought that Audrey would be the one to make Harry almost drop dead, with her free spirited personality. But it was actually Genevieve who caused Harry to almost bite the dust in a single moment. “Hey Mum!” Genevieve called as she walked through the front door. “Hey Vivi, how was the mall?” You asked as you finished up the dishes in the kitchen. “It was so-” but then she was cut off by her father “WHAT THE HELL IS ON YOUR FACE?!” You immediatly panicked, dropping a dish on the floor and letting it shatter into hundreds of pieces. You run into the foyer as fast as you can only to see Harry sitting on the stairs with his head between his legs. You look at your oldest daughter to see a silver bar peaking from her eyebrow. “Oh hell no.” You said calmly, “Go into the bathroom and take that out, now.” Genevieve’s jaw dropped, “BUT MUM-” “No buts. If I don’t have that thing in my hand in the next ten minutes, kiss your college tuition goodbye.” You sassily put your hands on your hips. “UGH FINE!” And Vivi stomped past you two and into the bathroom. “So… does this mean I’m the favorite now?” Audrey’s voice asked from the top of the stairs, she was watching the whole show. Harry turned around and looked up at her, “Yes, for now.”

Louis: "Well that’s… different…" You say through your teeth with a fake smile. Wesley’s face dropped and he pulled down his shirt, "You don’t like them?" You tilted your head to the side, really trying to be open and supportive… but they were nipple piercings… "Hey Wes, Hey Darling." Louis walks into the living room with a beer in hand. "Um… Lou… I need an opinion." You ask him. "What’s up, Love?" He sips his the bottle and shrugs. Wesley knows his queue to turn around and show his father his newest… accessory. Louis’s eyes grow wide and he starts coughing up his beer. You run behind him and pat his back as he catches his breath. "Holy shit, I almost killed Dad!" Wesley cried out. Louis let out a few more coughs, "Don’t say shit. Only I get to say shit." Wesley lets out a half smile and rolls his eyes. "Louis… what do you think about… this?" You ask. "What the fuck were you thinking?" He simply asks his son. "They’re kinda badass, don’t ya think?" Wes asked exposing them again. "Honestly, you look like a male prostitute. All you need are some leather pants." Louis looked his son up and down, "Go take them out before I make you show your brothers."

Liam: "Y/N, I NEED YOU DOWNSTAIRS RIGHT NOW!" Liam yelled from the kitchen, "IT’S AN EMERGENCY!" As soon as you hear emergency, you run downstairs from your bathroom with a toothbrush in hand and a mouth full of toothpaste. You reach the kitchen to find that there is no blood, just a pacing Liam. You spit your toothpaste in the sink and glare at him, "This better be good." You look at him and then your daughter. "Ella, show your mum what you just did." Liam said calmly but you could see the anger in his eyes. Your daughter took a deep breath, obviously terrified, and lifted up her shirt to show a small diamond belly button ring. "Oh! How cute!" You squeal. Ella’s face instantly softens and smile spreads. "Y/N!" Liam scolded. You rolled your eyes, "Hun, it’s just a belly ring, I had one when I was her age and my daddy reacted the same way." Liam looked at you then at Ella, then at you again. "Are you serious?! Our 16 year old daughter just poked a hole through her naval without even asking us!" He was fuming. "Because I knew you’d react just like this!" Ella yelled in defense. "Ella, please don’t yell at your father." You said simply to her, "And Liam, she has a point." Ella nodded sassily. "She’s 16, she’s my little buddy… she can’t be making this big decisions… not yet." He rubbed his temples. "Aw, Daddy…" Ella cooed and hugged him, "I’ll always be your little buddy." Liam held her for a moment, "So, does that mean you’ll take it out?" She let out a giggle, "Not a chance."

Niall: "Look Daddy, look what Niamh did!" Your 3 year old daughter Brenna comes running into your bedroom and jumped on the bed. "What’s up Little B?" Niall grabbed her and pulled her into his lap. She pulled her blonde hair behind her back, "We played Beauty Parlor, now I look just like Niamh and Mammy!" "HOLY FU-FUDGE! HOLY FUDGE!" Niall basically cried out in shock. "Oh lord…" You took a deep breath. "NIAMH RYANN HORAN, GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE!" He yelled louder than you’ve ever heard him yell. Niamh knew she was in trouble, she inched into the room with her eyes on the ground. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?! DO YOU SEE YOUR SISTER?!" He was so angry, you thought he would burst. You stepped in. "Niamh Honey, you know better than this. You’re ten years old." You climb out of bed and kneel down beside her. "She said she wanted to be like me and you… And I wanted to see if I could do it for her." Niamh explained, "I just want to be a cool big sister." You sigh and look up at Niall whose face softened. "You could have really hurt your sister. Her ears could get infected, she could’ve gotten this thing called Tetanus, you could’ve pierced the wrong place… This stuff needs to be left to the professionals." He explained holding Little Brenna tightly. "I didn’t know that…" Niamh’s face dropped and her eyes began to water. "Well luckily, I can clean her ears and keep them from getting infected, all of you kids have gotten special shots to stop Tetanus, and you didn’t pierce the wrong place. So everything is going to be okay." You hugged her. "But no playdates, iPad, TV, or computer for 2 weeks." Niall added.

Zayn: "Why are you so mad at me?!" 14 year old Zander yelled at his dad as you were putting two year old Leah down for her nap. You groaned and went out to yell at the two of them, they know better than to yell. "You have your ears pierced!" You stomp in with Leah on your hip and glare at the two of them. "Look at our son…" Zayn sighed and shook his head. You look over to see Zander with a hoop on his nose, "Alexander!" You yelled. "Dander!" Leah echoed in your arms happily, she wanted to join in on the fun. "What?! Dad has piercings!" Zander argued. "Not on my face!" Zayn yelled. You take a deep breath, "I am not mad at you for getting the piercing, I’m mad at you for getting it without permission." You said simply, "I have no idea where you went, if it was sanitary, if they did it properly, if they charged you too much…" Zander’s face dropped, it probably hadn’t occurred to him that this stuff was so important to you. "So… as a punishment for going behind our backs, you have to take it out and let it heal." You let out a smile, "And you can’t get another piercing until you’re eighteen." Zayn raised his hand for a High Five. You slapped it happily with your free hand. "I love it when you parent, Babe."


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