One direction imagines på engelsk!

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'Masser af imagines på engelsk!'.
Håber i kan lige dem'.-Nasteho1D


22. En Med Alle ''igen!''



He Gets Sick in the Middle of the Night  

 Harry: You were awaken by the feeling of sheets being thrown back and then the sound of feet running. After sitting up and pulling yourself together you see the light in the bathroom is on,  Uh oh. You think to yourself. You get out of bed to find Harry in there; kneeling in front of the toilet. “Oh babe…” You cooed and run over to push his hair back, it was so long you could’ve probably put it in a ponytail. “I guess I ate something bad…” He groaned. You rubbed his back, “Or just caught a bug.” He knelt there and sighed, “Go to bed, Y/N. I got this.” You shook your head, “I’m just training for when we have little Styles babies of our own, I’m staying with you.”


Louis: "Y/N?" Louis gently shakes you awake. You groan, "What?" "I have the worst headache and I’m sweating and shivering." He explained, "It’s been like this for hours, what do I do?" You sat up and rubbed your eyes, "Let me feel your head." You softly place your hand on his forhead, "Yeah you’re burning up. Stay in bed." You got up and got Lou some Tylenol to help the headache and a cold washcloth to cool the fever. After giving him the meds and placing the cloth on his forehead you get in bed and pull out your laptop so you two could watch Netflix until you fall asleep.


Niall: ”Babe… it hurts so much…” He winced as he clutched his sick belly in the middle of the night. “I know, I had it last week… no wonder you got it.” You pushed his hair from his face trying to comfort him. Niall’s face suddenly turned pale, “Uh oh!” He jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom to vomit. You follow him and rub his back as he upchucks. “We’re going to have a camp out in the bathroom tonight,” You said as he was still draped over the toilet, “This is going to last a while…” Niall whimpers when he hears those words. You grab all your pillows and blankets and set up a little bed for you and Niall on the bathroom floor. He smiles weakly and looks up at you, “You’re the best nurse ever.”



Liam: It’s 3 am and you’re awake examining your boyfriend who was unable to sleep. “Rash, fever, headache, hard time swallowing…” You opened your iPhone’s flashlight, “Mouth open, tongue out.” He does as he is told. You examine the back of his throat seeing that it’s inflamed with some white spots. “It’s strep, exactly what I thought.” You said slightly smiling to yourself, you felt so smart. “Well it’s a good thing I have a sexy nurse to take care of me…” He purred and grabbed your bum, pulling you closer for a kiss. “No kisses, ya sicko.”



Zayn: Oh the Man Flu… this is was you get for not forcing him to get his flu shot this year. You were staying up with him as he coughed and sniffled all night long, you had no choice because you couldn’t sleep. Zayn isn’t a very dramatic guy but when he gets sick, he turns into a total and complete baby. You found yourself laying with him and stroking his hair as he groaned and sniffed. He was still worried, “Babe, what if you get sick?” You sighed, “Well unlike someone, I got my vaccination.” You raised your eyebrow at him. “However, if I still get sick I have you to take care of me.” He was about to object but you cut him off, “You owe me.”

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