What she thought was home


Det her er det første jeg deler her på Movellas. Jeg er lidt usikker på hvad jeg skal synes om det, men det var til en aflevering i engelsk, og jeg tænkte, at jeg gerne ville have andre folks mening. Så kom endelig med noget konstruktiv kritik.


1. What she thought was home

There was once a girl, a lonely girl, and her name was Masha. She lived in a vast desolate forest, occupying the tallest maple. She knew everyone who also lived in the forest. Every bird, every species of deer and every little bug that filled the small crevices of the forest. The animals were all she had. They were always there for her if she was sad or if she wanted to play. Yet she felt so alone. The dark forest adding to her poignant nature. She missed her parents every single day but they were gone. Not dead but gone. Her mother had been cursed by a demon named Malapartix and her father ran away after the cursing. They had abandoned her, and each other. Masha had her father’s bright eyes, the eyes everyone fell into the trap of. Her mother’s quiet but adventurous nature, and her own beautiful nose. Masha resembled her father and her mother, with her physical features representing her father, and her mother’s personality influencing her beliefs. It was as if they were still together, like a real family.

 One day a cat came into the forest and strolled right over to Masha’s tree.

“Can you help me, little girl?” – the cat exclaimed.

Masha who was always very helpful and friendly answered the cat’s question with a clear yes. “But what do you need help for?” she asked.

“You are the only creature who I have met who has real hands with real thumbs,” the cat said. Masha laughed and climbed down the big tree.


Masha looked at the cat and said: “Now tell me what I have to do?”

The cat told Masha that he had lost his ball of yarn in a thicket of thorn bushes and it was tangled up in one of the bushes, and the reason why the cat needed Masha’s help was that she could use her hands to retrieve the ball of. The cat then promised Masha that he would grant her 3 wishes, if she could find his yarn. Masha knew it was not going to be an easy task, but she was determined to get her three wishes. She already knew what she was going to wish for. First of all she wanted everlasting life so she could enjoy every beautiful moment life had to offer. Second of all she wanted everlasting wealth so and finally she wanted to live with her family someplace magical.

But before she could get her three wishes, she had to get the ball of yarn out of the bushes.


As she approached the thorn bushes, goosebumps tingled through her body as she realised how terrifying the bush was, but suddenly felt an urge of motivation as she remembered her three wishes.


She went cautiously into the bushes and she had not walked more than six metres before she realised that her arms were covered in lacerations, warm blood dripping from her arms. Masha stopped for a while and looked back at the cat. “Just keep walking, little girl. You are almost there!” the cat said in an encouraging manner, so she kept striding towards the yarn. After three minutes of painful walking, she finally retrieved the yarn and was confronted by the cats gleaming smile.  

Masha placed the ball of yarn in front of the cat and said: “Now I would appreciate my three wishes.”

“Of course, little girl! What do you wish for?” the cat asked her.

Masha smiled and sat down in front of the cat and started telling him about her wishes. As soon as she finished telling the cat about her wishes she felt a warm and white, bright light blinding her. It felt like she was dreaming, memoires flooding through her brain, of the stone house she use to live in, and memoires of her parents, and suddenly she was back in her red maple tree. She was confused, as she could not see her family, or wealth anywhere. Unexpectedly the cat was in front of her again. “What happened to my wishes? I thought you said that I would get three wishes for getting that ball of yarn out of the thorn bushes?” She screamed. The cat smiled and said then peacefully: “You did get your three wishes, little girl. You already have everlasting life for when you die your soul will continue to live but your body will be at one with nature, and you also already have everlasting wealth. But the values are not money, the values are love and care, and at last; your family is not who you are related to. Your family is those who loves you and cares about you.” Then the cat disappeared in a plume of dust and Masha was on her own once again. She leaned back against the tree trunk and felt suddenly calmer and happier than she had ever felt before.


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