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  • Publiceret: 7 sep. 2014
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this is about 14 years old sabine.. shes a totally normal girl until something happenes
will she do what they say and be sweet and ask them later about she can have her live back??
read and find out
this fanfiction is on english
you can always write danish to me i will answer in that language


2. why

''what do you mean about im your sex slave??''

''we brought you to be our slave of sex, your mom,dad and borther has been out to make this deal when you have  been in school and come home''

''we asked for informations about you and they gave us them''

''what kind of informations''

'' like what you name is and some other things''

''your name is sabine franck, 14 years, have 1 brother, u lived in denmark when u got born and later moved to london''

'' pretty scaring''

a long thinking break''

''so you mean that im your sex slave so when you want sex, we have sex''

''erm... we makes a deal about who gona have you monday, tuesday,wednesday,thirsday,friday''

what about suturday and sunday''

''we will take care of you, cause it can hurt a bit in your abdomen and since you still are virgin we think you still is a bit scared of this, so we will let you choose who gonna take your virginity and have you evry monday''

erm i think i will choose har.. no lia, no zay,lo,nia, liam... i choose liam or harry, just choose who'''

''liam takes you on mondays, me the day after, zayn the day after  tomorrow, louis the day firsday and niall friday

''ok u says a little bit scared and surprised''

u start crying and liam takes you in his arms and takes u into his room and u look scared on him 

''easy babe, it will first start tonight, i could see you started cry and i understand why, it come hurry after each other, but come and lay here we can talk and if you want to heaar what i want to do tonight i will tell you it''

'' please tell me''

''okay first we kisses a bit, then we start snogging you learnt how to do that and touches and then we cubes and when we cubes i will be sweet and not like harry''

''like harry u ask scared''

''yea he have not got anything in long time''

''so u mean tomorrow will be hard and my abdomen will hurt more than tonight''

''i will do what i can do so its not will hurt to much''

''o. ok u say and start cry more''

harry come in

''hey beauty dont cry he say when he see u cry'' 

im just scared, liam say you will be hard tomorrow and liam will do what he can for it does'nt hurt''

''hahah nt so hard i would, kiss and snoggle and cubes and touch''

like liam''

'' he will take it easy i thing i'll do it hurry and after we see a movie and if you are really good this week we let you have free friday where we will take much more care of you''

he kiss your lip and you say im still virgin and that im not tomorrow

the others come in

''harry tells them and they say

''dont cry so hard will we not be the first times''

''the first times, this will not be good''


uhh what happenes tonight, do you think liam will take her virginity? or will he let harry take it and is she good enough to have free friday and will they be really good to her


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