sexslave- one direction

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this is about 14 years old sabine.. shes a totally normal girl until something happenes
will she do what they say and be sweet and ask them later about she can have her live back??
read and find out
this fanfiction is on english
you can always write danish to me i will answer in that language


3. virgin or not

it got later and i and have just sid in liams room all day.

they has been come in and said that i had to eat and drink something..

 atually there is food and water for me on the tabel bt i have been siddit completly crumpled

'' liam come in and see how u sit and u havent touched the food or water

''guys she havent eat or drinked anything and she siddiíng completly crumpled on my bed

''time for roules''

the roules

1. dont ever say no

2. do what we say

3. dont be sassy or something else there could make us angry

4. if we deal and says that we change the day and another of us come in on another persons day u do what he says

5. if something hurts, say it to us..

if you break one of the roules you will be punished

some questions


''good lets start this night''

they laugh and walk out and you look scared on liam

''dont be scared now kiss me''

''i my toung touch your lip open your mouth like an O. and let my toung show the way and see about you can get with on it''

its happened, 

''his lips was good his sweet and tell what he will do''<'***

''okay, now i will touch you different places and its okay to groan, okay?


** they cubed too **


you can hear the boys talk

''it was hard for her but she did it really good'' 

''seriously? thats good''

''yea then i thinked about you could make the plans of what she can do and not can do this week. next time i just watch a movie and mayne kiss her a bit''

''so you think we should wait a week yo cube her''

no no but more sweet, maybe tell her what you gonna do or take it easy we did it and yea let me say that i told her that it was okay to groan and i think it took of on her

''okay i will, be like what you said''

''me too

''me too'

and me

''thaks bro''


they say it and you look on them with a little bit hope and they smiles and kisses you in your hair

''this endet good tonight''


'yes whats beauty'

''my abdomen hurts really''

**liam wall out and come back with water

''louis come with a pill to seconds''

**he comes in and give you it

''thanks louis''

'' you welcome, good night''




okay i decided to make its a new.. i did'nt like this chapter was'nt the best so here a new and better  of what i self think


comment down below if you got something there could get better

if its like: show dont tell i'm maybe not do that because its english and im danish witch evryone maybe know

thanks for already 5 favrourite list 

it came out yesterday

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