sexslave- one direction

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  • Publiceret: 7 sep. 2014
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this is about 14 years old sabine.. shes a totally normal girl until something happenes
will she do what they say and be sweet and ask them later about she can have her live back??
read and find out
this fanfiction is on english
you can always write danish to me i will answer in that language


6. seriously, omg your so sweet

harry point of look

after dinner****

 me:sabine can i talk with you??

sabine:yes of cause

**walk into his room*

 sabine:so what the important thing you would me* with a little bit of laugh**

me: erm i think we could watch a movie and then we do that we should do today next week

sabine: harry are you sick today, i didn't trought you would be sweet to me 

me: narh sometimes i show i have a heart

liam: good joke harry, you always show you have a heart

me: liam how long time have you standed there?

louis: since you said you would talk with sabine

zayn: ya and wow that was really a good joke, but can we all watch a movie

sabine: guys when i first met you i trought you would be evil, i mean uou all sound really dark i you understand

niall: we use these voices if we will scare someone... just not our fans but we had to scare you


there was a longer chapter... well i will not be online the next 2 days



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