sexslave- one direction

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  • Publiceret: 7 sep. 2014
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this is about 14 years old sabine.. shes a totally normal girl until something happenes
will she do what they say and be sweet and ask them later about she can have her live back??
read and find out
this fanfiction is on english
you can always write danish to me i will answer in that language


4. not a chapter or is it?? READ IT


i have school and homework, and thats is pretty much... im not sure the next chapter comes this week... but it will soon come... just wait..

hope you understand

but heres come a little bit of a chapter 

** next morning( harry's day)

harry point of look

today its my day to have sabine... she's beautyful, nice, 

she's just woked up so i will se how she got it, and tell plan with her what will happen...

''sabine where are you''

''im here harry, something wrong''

''i thinked we should plan what should happens tonight''

''okay then now??

''yea it was what i thinked''


they walk outand into harry's room

'' what did you think''

'' erm kiss a bit and snoogle and then watch a movie''


liam comes in

'goodmorning turtledoves

''hahaha really funny liam you say serious

'' what do you talk about''

'' what will happen tonight''

will you tell it*''

kiss and snoogle then watch a movie''

''wow unbeliveble 

what do you mean liam''


where did that came from

i got surprised about that i just wrote...

well here you are






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