sexslave- one direction

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  • Publiceret: 7 sep. 2014
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this is about 14 years old sabine.. shes a totally normal girl until something happenes
will she do what they say and be sweet and ask them later about she can have her live back??
read and find out
this fanfiction is on english
you can always write danish to me i will answer in that language


7. just not your fans???

erm niall. i was a directioner! you know you scared a directioner 

oh really, sorry

thats okay

you all walk in to see toy story, 


ext morning

goodmorning sunshine

goodmorning you answer tired

i woke up with a to big t shirt and and not in harrys bed

yo woke up in my bed, and i gave you a tshirt on, and you got a good body zayn says

erm thanks i think




efter dinner

you both come into his room****

zayn: kiss me 

** you kiss him 

okay, i will be sweet, so i will only touch and kiss you



 im pretty tired... and then its monday  tomorrow so goodnight


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