sexslave- one direction

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  • Publiceret: 7 sep. 2014
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this is about 14 years old sabine.. shes a totally normal girl until something happenes
will she do what they say and be sweet and ask them later about she can have her live back??
read and find out
this fanfiction is on english
you can always write danish to me i will answer in that language


1. a normal day or is it

finally the bell rings and that means that i have free from school

i walk home and of cause there nobody home, in the old days there always was someone home, my brother niklas should be home, im sure hes out with freinds...

i need a shower cause im really swedy, i had PE today and did not have to to wash my body..

i come in to my room and seeing one direction sitting on my bed but zayn is'nt there..

''hi guys im such a big fan of you, but what are you doing here''

'' we came to something to you,and it will tell why theres always i no one home''

''tell me''

'wait i have to a get a shower first, you can just wait here''

''no you stay here, harry says and grab my hand''

'' i just need a shower, and im done in 5 minuts i promise''

''~ takes his hans on the mouth~ ~u lick it~

''eww she licked my hand''zayn takes your hand and hold hard on it.''

''stay where u are little girl,

''im not little and what do u want me''

they look at me  and

''shut up, you are our sex slave u are gonna do what we say''

''what am i''

pack her chlothes so we can get home with this brat girl


there was the first.. i will go to bed goodnight

i will tell more tomorrow




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