Believe me! 💖


1. you are beautiful 🌸

you are beautiful! 🌸 all are beautiful just in different ways 💕we are different people 👥 therefore all are beautiful in their own way🌹 as not caring about what others think of you! 💁 perhaps others think aww you are beautiful! 🌸 u have a sweet face! AAW 🌸 perhaps others think AAW your personality is beautiful! 😍😱🌹even if they do not like your face, I know it is said, sorry😏😨! Just never say you're ugly! 😠 for you can be beautiful inside 😍🌹 perhaps you have a beautiful face 🌸 smile as long as you can 😃😉 be happy! be yourself! Forget what others think of you! just be yourself! you are beautiful as you are! 😘😍👏 I just have to write it😏 no hate (I hope) 😂👏 but haters gonna hate 😂👏👏🌸🌹 but just remember u are beautiful 🌸

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