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  • Publiceret: 15 aug. 2014
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Alexa is a witch. Her parents disappeared after revolt in the wizard society years back. Since then she's been desperately looking for answers, that doesn't seem to exist. But one day she meets a wizard, who might have all the answers she's been looking for, and a dangerous chase begins.


4. Trapped

“Damn it! Damn it” Chris shouted for the fifth time since we had been locked up. “You know you keep saying that but somehow we’re still trapped in this disgusting dungeon!” I yelled back.

The room was small and completely dark except for a single burning torch placed over a primitive bed. One of the walls was a made of metal bars and made the cell look like a cage. Chris kicked the bars and made a deafening noise but no one came. The men who had put us here had been like if they were under a spell. Nothing you said or did could make them react.

After about twenty minutes of seeking the cell through desperately trying to find a way out I sat on the bed and gave up. Fleur was probably already turned into a minion now and there was no way I could get to her.

“What do you think the substance in the needles were?” I asked Chris who had sat down on the floor in the opposite end of the cell. “I don’t know, but it must have something to do with demons. You know Dr. Stern said he would make the blondie into a demonic slave”, he answered. I cringed when I remembered Fleur lying sedated and defenseless in the chair. “Don’t call her that”, I said, “But I don’t understand. How can something demonic make wizards into slaves?”

Chris explained, “Well, if you came to any of your Demonology classes at the academy, you would know that you can turn a demon into your slave with magic. It is of course very illegal and actually not very useful, since the demons don’t have anything else on their minds than slaughter and death. So long story short if you make a demon your slave you can’t use it to anything else than killing. But since their brain fluids are responsive to enslavement-spells and wizards have a brain that can contain other thoughts than dead, I assume….” I suddenly got of from my seat and interrupted him: “…The Clan have summoned for demons from The Underworld to take their brain fluids! This also explains all the demon appearances in the city lately. And now they’re injecting innocent wizards who just came to the monthly convention…” I felt discouraged again and sat down. “But what is the plan? Why are they doing this to innocent people? What are they so afraid of?” I said.

“Back four years ago the revolt in the wizard society was apparently really close to knock over The Clan and the dictatorship Theodor Vandran had created. The Clan managed to get rid of the rebels and keep their power, but hiding the dictatorship behind more democratic initiatives, like the conventions.  But you and I both know that there’s nothing democratic about it and so does other wizards. I have heard about rebels trying to gather enough people to get rid of The Clan and Vandran, but most wizards are afraid to go against the leaders, because they knew what happened to the people who did it the last time. But The Clan still knows that someone are trying to go against them” Chris answered.

Now I felt angry. “So they decided to create an army of innocent people that they can control every move of? By injected DEMON BRAIN into them? And we are trapped in this stupid dungeon!” I followed Chris’ earlier example and kicked the closest object I could find, which seemed to be the bed. “Wait! Do that again!” Chris said, “I think it’s hollow!” He sent a ball of magic against it and suddenly the top of the bed opened. We looked down and saw a dark tunnel starting with a ladder. Realizing that this was our only chance to get out we climbed down the ladder and ended up in a small tunnel similar to the one we had went through to get into the headquarter in the first place. Finally we got to the end where there was a gate. Chris was the first one to arrive so he opened it and crawled out. When I got to the gate I heard his voice shiver with fear: “Alexa, we sort of got a problem”.


When I came out of the tunnel I couldn’t see what Chris was talking about but when I looked around the hall that we had ended up in I suddenly saw them. There were at least 50 wizards coming closer and closer to us. “Back in the tunnel! Back in the tunnel, Alexa!” Chris said and I turned around only to discover that the gate we had just come out of was completely gone. The compelled wizards had surrounded us. Chris looked at me with fear in his eyes, when we both heard a quiet laughter. I looked confused around and realized that the sound came from the stairs at left in the room. A man dressed in a blue robe with the hood lying on his shoulders, was standing with blue light twisting in his fingers. Theodor Vandran. I had only seen him in pictures at the academy since members of The Clan hardly ever showed in public, but I recognized his cold almost entirely black eyes and his superior posture. “I’m so very sorry to make your escape route disappear but I simply can’t let you go”, he said with an accent that sounded Romanian, and smiled at us, “Christopher William Faulkner. Son of Maryse and Elijah Faulkner. And Alexandra Pamela Lightwood. Daughter of Pamela and Michael Lightwood. What a shame for both of you that your parents left you. “They didn’t leave us and you know that!”, I yelled at him, “They were in The Clan and they went against you and then they disappeared”. Chris tried to stop me, but all the anger of four years with no parents came unstoppable out of me, “You and The Clan have destroyed my life! You kidnapped my parents and you turned the person who have taken care of me for the past years into a minion of yours!”. Vandran didn’t seem affected at all, but only said, “Alexandra, you have become just as manipulative as your parents and you are going to regret your words!” He sent a flash of light against me, and Chris pulled me aside in the last second. Vandran yelled: “Get them!” to his slaves who were now only meters away from us. Chris began pushing them back flashes of light and I tried to help. “They are too many!” I shouted at Chris while he with his right hand stringed one of the minions up against a wall with magic. “I know! We have to find a way to un-compel them” he said and used his left hand to push to minions who came right at us away, “There has to be a antidote in the lab!”. More and more wizards were appearing and we were both struggling to keep them away. “How can you be so sure of that?” I said. Chris answered, “Haven’t you ever watched movies about evil science-guys trying to take over the world? There’s ALWAYS an antidote! Go find it I’ll try to manage it here. This is our only chance. But please hurry!”


I was running down the endless corridors of the headquarter opening every door on my way, but they were all offices, toilets or kitchens. Finally I got to a staircase, ran down and found the lab. When we had been here the first time I hadn’t noticed the cabinet in one of the corners. I was shocked to find out that it was filled with little bottles with the purple brain fluids from demons. I almost locked the door to the cabinet again when I saw something almost glittery and orange in the uppermost shelves. I wasn’t sure if it was the antidote, since there was no label, but from the screaming and banging noises of battle from upstairs I decided to go with it.

Running up the stairs I tried to figure out how to get the antidote into all of the wizards to get them back to normal. When I opened the door into the hall I was terrified to see Chris on his knees with cuts and wounds trying to fight the 50 wizards attacking him.

Suddenly a thought came to me. When I had been about 9 years old my mother had taken me to the edge of the Thames late at night when no one were around. Then she had shown me how to let the twisting light out of my fingers and under the water and raise it up in the air. The memory of my mother hurt, but I was determined when I smashed the bottle with the orange substance against the floor. I focused my energy on expanding the substance and raised it from the floor. After almost a half minute the 100 ml hat turned into at least a 100 L if not more and I let my hands form it into a great wave and yelled to Chris: “Get away, Chris!”. He managed to get behind me just in the second I let the wave move against the wizards as a tsunami. The wave of orange substance hit the wizards and one by one they all started to shake. They kept shaking for a few seconds until they all fell to the floor. 

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