Hopeless Love

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  • Publiceret: 5 aug. 2014
  • Opdateret: 30 jul. 2014
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Et digt til en person jeg har utrolig kær.


1. Hopeless love


Oh, if you just knew what you mean to me. A

Kangaroo is in my chest, jumping, and makes my heart beat for you

Where would I be without you? 

Entertainment is what I get from you, and a lot more than that.

This is what we can call "Love At First Sight".

How can it be possible for me to think about someone who isn't you?

Umbrella is what I need, when you are going to say you don't feel the same.


My love, my everything.

No one can make me feel special like you make me feel.

God damn it, I'm in love with someone, who doesn't feel the same.

Oh, what am I supposed to do?

My heart will break in a million pieces.

And there's nothing I can do about it. I love you

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