The Best Year Ever

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  • Publiceret: 26 jul. 2014
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Amanda Redwood was never very popular. She was bullied a lot through elementary school. She had to online classes for about three years until it was time to start High School. See how Amanda's Grade 9 year turns out in
The Best Year Ever


1. The first Day Of horror

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes. It was so bright I could hardly keep my eyes open. Ugh. I just remembered that it was my first day of High School and just to be clear my mom is making me go but I really don't want to go. When I think of high school I think of slutty girls in tight clothes, guys doing it with every girl in the school, and most of all bullies. I got bullied a lot in elementary school. I used to come home and ball my eyes out about more then one situation. But now I'm 13 and I'm ready to start high school. I think. I hope. Ok I can't do this.

Amanda come on your going to be late for your first day!! My mom yelled. Ok mom I yelled back in a I really don't want to go to school today so stop bugging me mom kind of voice. I unplugged my phone so I could check the time. Shit. 8:00 the bus comes at 8:30 I only have a half an hour to get ready!! Ugh. First I took a shower which took me 10 minutes, then I brushed my hair and curled it which took me 5 minutes, then I put on a pair of skinny jeans and neon pink tank top which took me 5 minutes, then I brushed my teeth which took me 3 minutes. I ran downstairs grabbed my lunch then put on my silver sandals and ran out the door just in time to catch the bus and start my First day of HORROR!!!!

Hey guys sorry I didn't make this chapter very long😃 I promise that chapter two will be long but there will only be a chapter two if I get either 2 comments or 2 likes I hope you guys like chapter one!!!!!

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