Luke's Little Sister

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


11. the revealing

Emily's POV

When we got home it was midnight so everyone was asleep so i took a shower got dressed and brushed my hair and my teeth i guess I'll have to wait to till tomorrow show the boys the new me!

~Emily's POV still next day~

I woke up to three no nine people bouncing around my room 5sos and one direction. Of course Niall says "we want food and we can't cook plus we want tea!" "Fiiiiinnneeee" i say we all race down stairs i start making pancakes and bacon along with tea once they got their food they all ate and i just had some coffee and bacon. What surprised me was that they didn't even notice my hair lip or my tattoo! "So boys how are you?" I ask them with that they all look up and say in unison "your hair your lip your shoulder?!" I laughed and said "yea and you just now noticed?" "Yea" they all said "does it look bad?" I asked "No it looks perfect Luke was just staring at me i asked him "Luke are you ok?" He snaps out of it and says "love it!"

Luke's POV

I said "she's beautiful." They all mumbled in agreement when she left to go get Lacie.When she came back with Lacie oh my god she looked gorgeous! "You too?" I asked Lacie she nodded "is it ok?" "Its perfect babe" she smiled then Emily asked "hey greatest brother in the biggest world fyi i love you can i have a sweep ova pwetty pweeeezzz?!" We all laughed and i asked "who's?" Lacie's i smiled and said "sure" "oh yea and mikey i wuv you so much your perfect and can you the best bwubba in da whole world can you lukey cal and ash have a sleep over here?" She smiled "awww fine" he said everyone left and gave each other hugs but when she got to cal she pecked him on the lips and said "love you!" I guess they're now an item and Lacie came up to me and did the same thing but added on to the end "stay out of trouble!" She giggled and walked off well we are alone for the night!

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